Fun Friday – Picking the Right Gift for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is coming up and picking the perfect gift for your loved ones might feel tricky.

For today’s fun Friday post, I put together a few ideas to help you narrow down your search.


Sweet treats are always a nice touch.


Maybe a fun, new toy is just what your sweetheart needs.


A snappy new piece of clothing shows your very thoughtful.


When in doubt, stick with what you know.


What are some of your most favorite gifts?

Have a fun weekend,


Martha Waffles and Nicole Schlinger at another event.


Wednesday Roundup

Today, I thought I’d share a roundup of several things I’ve been reading lately that I’ve found interesting.

A skill that many have a hard completely honing – How to Say No Advice From the World’s Most Powerful Man is a great read.


“Next week, the choices you made at the buffet won’t matter much. But if you learn a new skill, you own it forever.” Seth’s blog is always a must read .


Of course I’m always looking for new book recommendations and of course I’m always keeping an eye on what Ryan Holiday is doing. Of course, you should add these to your list this year. 


I was SO HAPPY to hear the news that Sen. John Cornyn has picked John Jackson as his campaign manager for the upcoming cycle. John led Gov. Greg Abbott’s successful re-election and Sen. Cornyn could not have picked a better person to direct his 2020 campaign.


What articles are you clicking through these days?


Thanks for reading,

A Great Opportunity

We recently promoted one of our Campaign Directors into a new position here at CampaignHQ … and as a result, we’re looking for a new Campaign Director!

The 2020 election cycle has already started for CampaignHQ. We’re pitching big name US Senate and Governor’s races, and a few Congressional races too. We’re up on the phones 6 days a week, including patch through calls, fundraising, texting and telephone townhalls.

Being a CHQ Campaign Director is a unique challenge. One day you might be writing scripts for patch through calls, the next day you’re working on financial projections, and the next you’re explaining to a campaign manager how to launch a text message fundraising program. You’ll have consultants and clients from all over the country depending on you to deliver on the CHQ promise.

We’re looking for someone who is a great communicator, has strong Excel skills, and wants to be on a winning team. You need to be both detail / process oriented, and also enjoy building strong relationships with our clients. Oh – and you need to enjoy learning new things. Some people think phones are a “stuffy old business.” We’re pioneering new and better ways to communicate, and that requires a willingness to learn, change, and improve.

Like the old saying goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Take a look at the following job description. If you think it’s calling out your name … and you’re the next great CHQ Campaign Director … send me an email or give me a call. Or if you know someone who would love this job – feel free to forward.

Contact me if you have any questions. Or if you’d rather ask Marlys Popma, our Senior Campaign Director, her email is

It’s an exciting time to be a part of our team and we’d love to welcome you!



Flashback Fun Friday

20 years ago today I printed business cards on an ink jet printer, glued them to magnets and had the audacity to call it a business.

As you can see, the business cards of CampaignHQ have changed over the years, but one thing certainly hasn’t – that quality matters.

Moving into the future, you can find us on the frontline of new technologies while remaining true to ourselves and our mission as the best conservative call center in America.

Let our trusted and experienced callers get to work for you today. 1-(888) 722-4704. 



Nicole Schlinger always hard at work for CHQ clients

A Look Ahead

Well, after the giant dumpster fire that was my 2018 reading list, I’m setting the bar at 55 books this year. For a book to be “counted” that means reading the first page, the last page, and every page in between. No skimming, no summaries, no cheating.

While I’ve been known to finish the year with a quick re-read of Seth Godin (short) masterpiece “The Dip” … I ordinarily do not let the length of the book or the time it will take to finish influence my selections.

This year, I’m starting off with The Life of Elizabeth I by Allison Weir, albeit not the super cool leather bound edition pictured below.

Check out the rest of what I’m reading this year on my Medium post here: 

What are you looking forward to reading this year? Leave me a comment or shoot me an email.



Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters

Fun Friday – What We Do Is Rewarding

For your Fun Friday this week, I’m sharing some happy news from Brooklyn. Campaign Headquarters was recently  named as a Reed Award Finalist for Best Use of SMS (Republican), Best Live Phone Call, and Best Use of a Telephone Townhall.


The real reward is helping elect great conservative candidates to office.

Thank you to all the clients who have chosen us for your important work,


The Best Thing to Happen to Productivity

You may have heard me talk about Bullet Journaling, especially if you’ve been following along over on my Medium page, where I’m documenting my current reading material.

I’m not sure why it took Ryder Carroll so long to write this book, but I’m glad he did.

Essentially, Ryder Carroll wants you to use colored pens, recopy things when you migrate from one notebook to the next, take time to decorate and set up your notebook so that your mind can truly soak in and process all of the information.

The Bullet Journal method encourages you to just put everything in one place and keep it there.

Need more of a push to get you started?  The New York Times recently posted an article titled, “The Case for Using a Paper Planner.” 


From my experience, over the years, taking the time to gather and put those ideas in a special place I can reference again and again is priceless.

Now, I take issue with his belief that you must use a fixed notebook, in which you do not add or remove pages. I carry detailed, permanent reference materials and logs in my notebook that would take hours to recopy (at no real value).

Nicole Schlinger’s actual bullet journal

I’d encourage you to give it a try, or at the very least, give Ryder Carroll’s book a read.

Thanks for following,

Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters


Start Your New Year Off Right

Now that we’re getting settled into 2019, I thought I’d give you the perfect way to start your year off right – with 5 good books for you to try.

If you’re new here, you should know I’m a book lover and I am constantly looking for good recommendations and enjoy sharing a few thoughts of my own. In fact, I started a Medium page solely dedicated to book reviews. Be sure to follow it here 

Anyway, here are my Top 5 reads from last year – you should pick these up today.

1. Conspiracy: Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan, Gawker, and the Anatomy of Intrigue, by Ryan Holiday

2. Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou

3. Sales Differentiation: 19 Powerful Strategies to Win More Deals at the Prices You Want by Lee B. Salz (Nicole Schlinger book review coming soon!)

4. Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio

5. Hetty: The Genius and Madness of America’s First Female Tycoon by Charles Slack


Conspiracy and Bad Blood were full of action and adventure. Conspiracy was the story behind Peter Thiel’s decade-long quest for revenge against Nick and Gawker. Bad Blood was the larger than life, almost unbelievable tale of the rise and fall of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.

Sales Differentiation delivers much more than its fishy title implies. It’s a real, how-to guide for giving your customers extraordinary value.

Principles by Ray Dalio is an instant classic. It delivers on its promise as an operating system for life and work. (And even suggests that we should not try separating the two.)

And last by not least … Hetty. You probably didn’t learn about Hetty Green in public school. She was caricatured and ridiculed in life and death. So much of what’s said about her is an exaggeration, and never … ever flattering. This is the true story of the first female tycoon in America. It’s not pretty. But I challenge you to come away from this book without respect and admiration for this American pioneer.

I hope you’ll pick up a new book this year.


Thanks for reading,


Educate + Influence = Patch Through Calls

Now that the legislative session in Iowa is underway and several statehouses across the country, agendas are being set and bills filed. Very soon, these pieces of legislation will begin moving through the process.

Do you need to educate voters on your issue? Do you need to influence legislators on a bill? We can help. Patch Through calls are incredibly impactful and WILL make a difference in your efforts. Learn more here:


Give us a call if we can help 1- (888) 722-4704.



Nicole Schlinger always hard at work for CHQ clients

Wrapping Up the Year in Books

I know we closed the books on 2018 a few weeks ago now, but I thought I’d take a quick look back on the year in terms of books.

Coming in at 38, this is the fewest books I’ve read in a year since I began tracking in 2013.

Like Ryan Holiday says, “I promised myself a long time ago that if I saw a book that interested me, I’d never let time or money or anything else prevent me from having it … Enjoy these books, treat your education like the job that it is, and let me know if you ever need anything.”

I’m setting might sights on 2019 to for more exciting books to come (which I’ll preview in another post). But here is my complete book list for 2018, if you’re interested.

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve read any of these or suggestions for books to add to my 2019 list.

Keep reading, friends.

Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters