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We’re privileged to work with some of the best and brightest in the business. It’s such an honor to partner with these experts to help them win their races, connect their issues and deliver their message.

Nicole Schlinger

We will work with you to develop specific solutions to whatever challenges you face.

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And we’re always around if you get caught in a pinch and need something turned quickly. We get it – things happen.

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We’d like to partner with you on your next project – how can we help?


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Nicole Schlinger

Reed Award Finalists

Award season is definitely upon us. We’re having a lot of fun with it this year – it’s such a great time to celebrate all the hard work and effort our team, and our clients teams, put in this past election cycle.


We’ll do a rundown soon of our Pollie Awards, but it was recently announced that CampaignHQ was named as a finalist for several of the Reed Awards.

Nicole Schlinger Reed Awards


It’s a tremendous honor for our team to be recognized, even as finalists. We are certainly proud of the work we do on behalf of our clients, and look forward to celebrating the Reed Awards soon.

Fun Friday – CHQ Office

Happy Friday!


As we’re wrapping up another week, I thought it might be fun to look back at our office here in Brooklyn. I’ve written before about how we came to be in this office and some of the exciting things that have happened here over the years.


But it’s kind of fun to look back and see who’s stopped by, met with our dedicated staff and been a part of our CHQ family.

Nicole Schlinger Branstad Reynolds

While they were here on a campaign swing, who would have thought that we’d have pictures of a U.S. Ambassador and Iowa’s first female governor standing in our office?

Nicole Schlinger Cruz

And before many outside of Texas knew this freedom fighter, he stepped foot in the CHQ headquarters.

What are some of your favorite CHQ memories?

Happy Holidays

Nicole Schlinger

The holiday season is upon us and while the country continues to grapple with the pandemic and everything that goes with it, the CHQ team is focused on the positive. We know we have many blessings to celebrate.


We sincerely thank you for your business this year. We are incredibly proud of the work we did and our talented team members. 


Our offices will be closed on Dec. 24 and Dec. 25 but will reopen on Monday, Dec. 28.