Workin’ Like a Dog – Auto Calls

It’s no secret, the CampaginHQ team is a big fan of dogs – who isn’t? Welcome to our new series – Workin’ Like a Dog. We’re taking a fresh look at how CampaignHQ can deliver your message and help you win.

Today we’re workin’ like….



Nicole Schlinger

Automated/GOTV calls are low maintenance – well, just like cats.

These calls are an incredibly effective way to reach seniors. AARP reports that 64.2% of those 18-24 have only wireless phones and 63.9% of those 34-44 have wireless phones only. But when you jump to those 45-64, 52.9% have landline phones and 76.1% of those 65 or older still utilize their land line phone.

Campaign 101: phone calls can significantly impact your turnout.

You may be scrambling for any last-minute votes and want to ensure that ALL of your supporters turnout.  One of the worst situations for a campaign manager or candidate is to lose by 25 votes and still have $250 in the bank. That $250 could have connected with several voters.

Automated calls are your friend! These calls are quickaffordable, and far reaching. We can get automated calls set up quickly. We can typically have an automated call scheduled or launched within 30 minutes of receipt of approved sound file and data.

A great way to increase the impact of your automated call is to ask a trusted member of the community to deliver your message. Whether that’s an elected official, a local celebrity, or even a member of your family, having someone else explain why you are the right choice can make all the difference.

CampaignHQ is the ONLY call center in America to record and deliver a message from a candidate’s dog! Check out this amazing recording from Lucy Lou, the beloved pooch of State Rep Dawn Pettengill.

Our team has delivered millions of effective telephone fundraising, voter ID, persuasion, patch through, GOTV phone calls and conTEXT messages for winning campaigns and conservative organizations.

We’re known for creative solutions, quick turnaround, competitive pricing, and legendary customer service.

Whatever comes your way, CampaignHQ is here for you, workin’ like a dog, to make sure you are successful.

It’s not too late to call us today 1-888-722-4704.

Fun Friday – Boss’s Day


Happy Boss’s Day. Did you know that was a thing? I had no idea. Anyway, here’s a big shout out to the REAL boss at CampaignHQ.

Nicole Schlinger GOP


She does it all – keeps employees in line with her barking  and napping in their chairs.

Kate Spade CEO Nicole Schlinger

She never walks away from a challenge – she will not stop until she gets that treat from you.

Nicole Schlinger dog Brooklyn, Iowa


And she always finds time for self-care.


Have a great Friday friends.

Martha Waffles and Nicole Schlinger at another event.

Nicole Schlinger

Workin’ Like a Dog – conTEXT

Welcome back to our new series – Workin’ Like a Dog. We’re taking a fresh look at how CampaignHQ can deliver your message and help you win.

Today we’re workin’ like pugs!

Nicole Schlinger GOP Campaigns

Pugs may be little, but they pack a punch. The same can be said for peer-to-peer texting. While you have limited characters to work with, peer-to-peer texting is good for EVERYTHING. 

  • Introduce yourself to voters having a two-way conversation.
  • Share a 20 second TV commercial directly to the voter’s phone, giving them a better glimpse of who you are.
  • Engage low propensity and undecided voters who are notoriously hard to reach.
  • Share polling location information with voters you are trying to turnout.
  • Fight back against political attacks or disinformation.

We can share images, sound, video, and website links via conTEXT peer to peer text message. 

Nicole Schlinger operative

Election Day is just around the corner, but we can still fit you in our conTEXT schedule. If something unexpected pops up, please give us a call right away – we can help you turn the narrative around.

Workin’ Like a Dog – Advocacy Calls

I’m back with another fun Workin’ Like a Dog post. We’re taking a fresh look at how CampaignHQ can deliver your message and help you win.

Today we’re workin’ like corgis!

Nicole Schlinger GOP

Corgi’s are herding dogs and that’s exactly what Advocacy calls can do for you – herd voters or the public in the direction you want them to go. 

Nicole Schlinger calls

Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your advocacy campaign:

  1. Have a script that branches out to different messages based on what the voter tells you. If they are going to vote for you, ask if they would like a yard sign or absentee ballot request. If they are undecided, direct that voter to your website to find more information. This makes your message more personal and relevant to each voter, while still remaining on script.


  1. Leave messages on the final attempt. There are certain voters who simply will not answer the phone. If you don’t leave a message, they will never hear from you.


  1. As you get closer to election day, include a response to indicate who has already voted so you can remove them from your list.  Nicole Schlinger GOP Calls

Here is an example of an advocacy call script.


The experts at CampaignHQ know how to identify voters and advocate your message through a smart combination of live and automated calling. Our persistent, knowledgeable, and effective campaign representatives can (and do) provide the margin of victory.

Workin’ Like a Dog – Voter ID Calls

It’s no secret, the CampaginHQ team is a big fan of dogs – who isn’t? Welcome to our new series – Workin’ Like a Dog. We’re taking a fresh look at how CampaignHQ can deliver your message and help you win.

Today we’re workin’ like basset hounds!


Nicole Schlinger Brooklyn Iowa


Everybody knows that basset hounds have keen noses and are known for being search dogs. This is just like Voter ID calls that help you “sniff out” the voters you want to turnout to the polls. 

Voter ID calls are absolutely necessary to any successful campaign. Campaigns who use Voter ID calls to find out what people care about are better able to target direct mail and digital media at just the right issues.

Don’t forget, if you have someone ID’d by issue, you can tie their primary issues to their first and second candidate choice. If you are the second choice of an individual and you know what issues they care about, now you have something to work with.

Nicole Schlinger phone calls

CampaignHQ will get you the most accurate information possible in your Voter ID calls and once we’ve gathered your data, we can help you craft a strategy to turn out your supporters and persuade the undecided voters.

Fun Flashback Friday – CMDI

Nicole Schlinger CMDI

It’s been two years since I wrote this guest blog post for CMDI – “Communicate in a Way that Someone Can’t Ignore.”

It was a great experience getting to weigh in on this topic, and I think it’s still relevant today – which is saying something considering the world we’re currently living in.

I’m often asked why patch through campaigns are so effective. The answer is simple. The one thing politicians fear most is losing re-election. Hearing from one constituent after another on a particular issue strikes at the very heart of this fear. Most elected officials are good people who want to do right by their constituents. When a loud and clear message is delivered, they will respond accordingly.

You can read the full piece over here. 


Thanks for reading,

Nicole Schlinger always hard at work for CHQ clients

Nicole Schlinger

What’s Better Than MMS

The only thing better than MMS is Double MMS. 

I wanted to give you a preview of this great new tool we’ve perfected, so you can add this to your arsenal.

As you know, regular SMS messages are limited to 160 characters. You can send a longer message, but you run the risk of having it broken up at all the wrong points when it’s delivered to the voter’s phone. (Or worse yet, having some parts delivered and others undelivered).

We are now doing a Double MMS. This sends the text as MMS in a single segment along with a picture, GIF or MP4 video.

Here’s a quick sample:

Nicole Schlinger MMS

Let CampaignHQ send a long message without worrying that your message will get jumbled. Don’t forget, you can still include personalization like first name, voting location, etc.

Now’s a terrific time to utilize this new, effective tool. Give us a call (888-722-4704) to get started taking your campaign to the next level.