Science Says Make More Calls

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That means that, taken together, the bottom line for all this research might be better summarized as, don’t forget the old-fashioned phone. Chances are excellent you’re underestimating its advantages and overestimating its drawbacks.

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For small businesses, campaigns or even in real life, phones are the way to go. Give me a call and let the CHQ experts go to work connecting you with voters, constituents or membership.

Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters

Nicole Schlinger

Counting Our Blessings

The CHQ teams knows it’s been a trying year, but we’re counting our blessings.

We asked our team members to weigh in on what they thought were their biggest CHQ blessings this year and we’ve been featuring their responses on our Facebook page during the month of December.

Make no mistake, our team feels truly blessed by their co-workers, our clients and projects, and the work we do. 

Nicole Schlinger


I’m thankful for such wonderful employees and tremendous clients.

Nicole Schlinger and Chief Canine Officer Martha Waffles

Nicole Schlinger

Happy Holidays

Nicole Schlinger

The holiday season is upon us and while the country continues to grapple with the pandemic and everything that goes with it, the CHQ team is focused on the positive. We know we have many blessings to celebrate.


We sincerely thank you for your business this year. We are incredibly proud of the work we did and our talented team members. 


Our offices will be closed on Dec. 24 and Dec. 25 but will reopen on Monday, Dec. 28.

Flashback Friday – RSLC Style

Back before the election, I participated in a fun write up for the Republican State Leadership Committee – check it out:


Nicole Schlinger is the President of CampaignHQ and currently lives in Brooklyn, Iowa.

What 5 things (software, tech, apps, gear, etc.) do you need to do your job?

1. A predictive dialer to help our clients with their most important calls – voter ID, GOTV, patch throughs, auto dials – you name it, we do it.

2. Peer-to-peer text software to send personalized messages, GIFs, pictures to help reach voters right where they are.

3. Our Telephone Townhall platform has been put to work a lot lately as candidates work to have discussions with voters in socially distant, yet effective ways.

4. Microsoft Teams keeps our CHQ family on the same page.

5. FriXion erasable pens – how does anyone work without these?

Four years from now, what will be the lesson learned from this election?

Campaigns faced the challenge of how to have meaningful conversations with voters when, at some level, they could not campaign in person. Successful campaigns were those that answered the basic need for human interaction that voters may not have received from a digital ad, a tv commercial or direct mail.

Name 3 trends you’re watching in the 2020 elections?

1. GOP campaigns incorporating relational organizing techniques into their plan.

2. The effect Big Tech locking down digital ads will have on other channels as a method to get the word out nearing Election Day.

3. How candidates adapt to campaigning during a pandemic and do those lessons carry forward to future cycles.

Which 2 factors will most impact voters’ decisions this November?

The pandemic and the economy go hand in hand. Voters are afraid, angry and anxiety-ridden. Successful candidates will be those who have been speaking and listening to voters this whole time and who voters believe can get things moving in the right direction.

What’s one thing every candidate should be doing right now to win?

Every candidate should seek to have authentic, two-way conversations with voters. Your future constituents are fed up with candidates and organizations who force a message upon them without hearing what they have to say. When you take time to listen – whether it’s in-person, at socially distanced events, over the phone, or by text – voters will take the time to listen to you.

Race is Over But We’re Still Hiring

Nicole Schlinger NOW HIRING


Election Day has come and gone and while campaigns begin shutting down their operations, the team at CampaignHQ is staffing up. Love the campaign environment but want to have a steady job that isn’t dependent upon a campaign cycle? Watch our LinkedIn page for job openings or give us a call and let us help you start a rewarding career. (888) 722-4704

Let’s go,

Nicole Schlinger

Smart Conservative Girls Are Awesome

Nicole Schlinger ACB
Photo: Drew Angerer, Getty Images

In honor of ACB becoming a U.S. Supreme Court Justice this week, I’m giving a shout out to Sen. John Cornyn for his thoughtful consideration of Amy Coney Barrett during her hearings. I particularly loved this part where she told the whole world of little girls it’s awesome to be smart.


You can read more about the exchange here.

Being a smart, conservative woman is cool.



Facebook is Shutting You Down

Facebook recently announced it will not accept any new political ads in the last 7 days before Election Day. So, what happens if your opponent attacks you on the night of the 8th day and the “Facebook thought police” won’t let you respond?

You need a way to reach voters – and you can do that with conTEXT, live calls, and telephone townhalls.


You can introduce yourself, share your vision in a 20 second video, refute an attack, show a sample ballot and ask each person to watch your video and share their opinions.  There are countless ways to leverage this tool.

CHQ is the industry leader when it comes to peer-to-peer texting. Our team knows how to deliver the right message to your voters to help you win. Our agents personally send and reply to every single message. We can even track who clicked on your link!

Nicole Schlinger campaign Nicole Schlinger campaign Nicole Schlinger campaign


Live calls
An effective way to combat voter confusion is with live calls. Our team of specialists and award winning callers will work with you to quickly turn around a script and get the calls rolling.

Candidates who take advantage of real, two-way conversations with voters are going to have a major advantage over those who just blast their information in your face.

nicole schlinger callers


Telephone Townhall
A telephone townhall helps you reach a large audience directly and let the voters interact with you, showing them that you’re ready, able and willing to speak with them and answer their questions.

Even better – setting up a telephone townhall couldn’t be easier when you’re working with CampaignHQ. We will help you record your sound files for a pre-call, live answer, voicemail, and even post call. Don’t forget to invite voters via conTEXT message.

We’ll help you use poll questions to gather critical information from the people on your call. Are they voting early or in person? Are they voting for you or your opponent? You’ll get real time, actionable data that can move the needle in your campaign.

Nicole Schlinger

Facebook’s move is more than just an inconvenience for you – if you don’t take it seriously, it may be fatal to your campaign. We can help you combat disinformation about polling locations or absentee ballots, fight back when the smear attacks come from your opponent, or make a positive, last minute push.

When it’s too late to drop mail and the airways are already full, we’ve got your back with context, live calls and telephone townhalls.