A Whole New World – Part 2

Here’s another installment of a recent webinar we hosted on how to campaign during COVID.

Today, we talk about how to introduce yourself – how you can text videos to your supporters, brighten seniors’ day with an automated call or conduct live advocacy calls.


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Helping You Navigate a Whole New World

As we continue to see how the #COVID-19 crisis is impacting our everyday lives, we are not sitting around and waiting to see how campaigns will adjust to this new world.

The CampaignHQ team is swiftly helping our clients re-adjust their campaign plans in light of #COVID-19.

Check out a recent webinar segment discussing how to build a grassroots army. Check back at the end of the week for another installment. 


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Flashback Friday

This is a fun #FlasbackFriday post from our HQ awards a couple of years ago. Working at CHQ can be a lot of fun and there is room for growth. And, what do you know, we’re hiring! 

CampaignHQ is seeking a Deputy Campaign Director. Our Deputy Campaign Director is a vital part of the team delivering text messages, live and automated calls on behalf of candidates and issue advocacy organizations nationwide. You’ll help with price quotes, project setup and execution, script writing, data handling, and many other important tasks. Your mission is to support our Campaign Directors and exceed our client’s expectations.If you are looking for an entry-level position with a nationally known firm, this is your dream job! If you’ve worked on a campaign for one or two cycles, that’s fantastic, but not required.This is a PERMANENT full time position at our HQ in Brooklyn, IA. It is the perfect fit for someone who loves campaigns and hates unemployment. Questions? Email Marlys@chq.us, Senior Campaign Director for details.

CampaignHQ is the Best Conservative Call Center in America. Whether it’s fundraising, patch through calls, Get Out the Vote, or text messaging … our team of passionate people delivers amazing results. Learn more about our election-winning work at www.chq.us.

Check us out!

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Hiring In Oskaloosa

Nicole Schlinger NOW HIRING

Looking for a career change where the benefits are good, the office is clean, and the work is meaningful? CampaignHQ is hiring. In our Oskaloosa office, we are looking to at 10 more quality employees.

Campaign Director
As a Campaign Director, you will be the main point of contact for a group of our clients. You will help them craft their plans and manage the execution of their telephone voter contact, telephone townhall, and conTEXT message campaigns. You will play a critical role in business development, building and maintaining relationships with candidates, campaign managers, and consultants across the country. Strong preference will be given to those who have an existing network of contacts in the political and public affairs arena.

Deputy Campaign Director
As a Deputy Campaign Director, you will be a vital part of the team delivering millions of text messages, live and automated calls on behalf of candidates and issue advocacy organizations across the country. You’ll help with price quotes, project setup and execution, script writing, data handling, and many other important tasks. At the end of the day, your mission is to support our Campaign Directors and exceed our client’s expectations.
If you are looking for an entry-level position with a nationally known firm, this could be your dream job! If you’ve worked on a campaign for one or two cycles, that’s fantastic, but not required.

Data Management Specialist
As a Data Management Specialist, you will be involved in the daily preparation of campaign reports and other data needs. This includes maintaining existing reports and databases, creating new reports and databases, accuracy and functionality of CRM data, collaborating with sales and operations to identify problems and solve them. You must be proficient in Microsoft Excel, including pivot tables and advanced formulas. Proficient in Microsoft Access table and query creation. Familiar with Visual Basic for Applications. Familiar with SQL and Python preferred. Recent graduates or those finishing remote study are welcome to apply.

These are all PERMANENT full time positions. If you love campaigns and hate unemployment, I encourage you to learn more and apply.

Interested? Email Marlys@chq.us, Senior Campaign Director, and we’ll send you a full job description and instructions to apply for the position in which you are interested.

How to Effectively Communicate During a Pandemic

The team at CHQ recently hosted a webinar – How to Effectively Communicate During a Pandemic. I wanted to share some of the information with you, hopefully it’s useful for you and your team.

We have posted the full Webinar on YouTube, in case you missed it or want to go back and reference a few points. But I also posted a few short clips below to check out.

I wanted to provide you with a brief recap, starting with the Four Ways to Make the Most of the Opportunity.
Nicole Schlinger Infographic
1. Build a grassroots army now that you can mobilize later. Telephone petition drives are great for this – call voters, ask them to add their name to a petition. For those who agree, we collect their email address and ask them to volunteer. Right now, you have people’s attention and you can capture their information to build your supporters. (Watch short webinar clip here).

2. Introduce yourself. The best way to do this is through is peer to peer text, where you can have a two-way conversation with a voter at their convenience. You can also push a 20 second TV commercial directly to the voter’s phone, giving them a better glimpse of who you are. (Watch short webinar clip here).

Peer-to-Peer texting can help you safely collect enough signatures to get your name on the ballot.

3. Survey your audience. Use automated surveys (which are inexpensive and fast) to gather critical data on your audience. You can weed out disconnected phones and make the most of your volunteers’ time when it’s time to start doing campaign calls.

4. Have a Conversation. Telephone Townhalls create a large audience and are always a great resource when trying to update your voters on quickly changing information.

Give me a call or drop me a line if you have any questions or we can get to work on a project for you today.  1-888-722-4704 or nicole@chq.us.


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Fun Friday – What Not To Do

Happy Friday – here’s a little visual for you on what not to do.

Nicole Schlinger Biden


Don’t let this be you or your campaign. Call me and let CampaignHQ help.

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Pandemic Requires Campaigns Shift to Reach Voters

Nicole Schlinger Iowa Field ReportYour voters and donors WANT to hear from you. But you must communicate in the right way. Thanks to Iowa Field Report for letting me share in this article.

Schlinger says that she was initially hesitant about advising her candidates to continue fundraising, however, after monitoring the current environment over several days, she realized that campaigns need to stay engaged rather than go into hibernation.

“They [Campaigns & Candidates] need to be sensitive to the situation, but they should be engaged. People are at home, and they’re following the situation closely. Voters want to be involved. They do not want to be shut out” said Schlinger.


You can read the full article here. 

In Difficult Times, Communication is Key

We are living through times you will speak about with your children and grandchildren.

People are starved for human interaction. Unable to go to church or school, they are searching for new ways to gather, connect, and communicate.

Candidates and organizations who never considered a Telephone Townhall are scrambling to set up events at a record pace.

But some of our friends have been using Telephone Townhalls and Microforums for years.

Nicole Schlinger Trump

So, who should use a Telephone Townhall and who should use a Microforum?

If you are looking to engage a small group, less than 1,500 people, then you should consider a Microforum. You still communicate directly with your audience and they can communicate with you.

If you want to reach out to a larger group of people, then a Telephone Townhall is what you need. You can dial out to 2,000 or 200,000 people. The choice is yours.

In any event, try to secure a well-known person to join your call. Advertise the call to your donors or constituents so they don’t miss a minute.

One of our recent events even had a surprise appearance by President Trump!

According to news reports about the forum, that was hosted by Family Research Council, once President Trump heard who the vice president would be talking to, he knew it was something he needed to do! The President thanked the pastors on the call for the work they have been doing, inspiring their communities and praying for our nation. He reminded the group of influential conservatives about the recent policy successes he had delivered.
Nicole Schlinger Microforum
In difficult times, communication is key.

CampaignHQ can facilitate an interactive conversation with you, the members of your organization, your voters, and your constituents.

We are so honored to help our clients meet their goals, and we would love to get to work for you today.

How can we help you in this time?

Nicole Schlinger GOP Fundraiser
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