Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

Do you want to put your SQL, Python, and other programming skills to work for the conservative movement?
Do you get a kick out of automating all of your daily tasks? Are you ready for your efforts to make a difference right away?
Then this may be the perfect job for you! CampaignHQ is seeking a Data Management Specialist.
We manage the results and data of millions of voter contact records. This is a permanent, full-time job + benefits. Join us and put your ideals into action, defend liberty, and build a better future for America.
At CampaignHQ, our mission is to help Republican candidates and conservative organizations win their campaigns and public policy battles. Using live calls, text messages, automated calls and telephone townhalls, we deliver your message, collect useful data, and move the needle in close races.

Four Great Positions

We have a plethora of tremendous opportunities at CampaignHQ. Which one is right for you?

Our Data Management Specialist is in charge of the daily preparation of campaign reports and other data needs, including maintaining and designing of reports for our clients and project manager, making improvements and modifications to existing databases and many other tasks. Click the box for more info.

Are you detail oriented to the extreme? Do your friends and family constantly tease you about making lists, checking off tasks, and keeping everything in order? Is your desk spotlessly clean, your bank account reconciled, and your papers in neatly labeled folders? This is the PERFECT job for you! Click the red box to learn more.



Our VP of Client Services builds and maintains relationships with our largest and most valued clients and prospects: consultants, major campaigns, and conservative organizations. They develop project plans and budgets for phone and text campaigns and are a part of a collaborative team environment. Click for more info:

Our Campaign Directors work alongside a Vice President of Client Services to assist candidates and conservative organizations to execute their phone and text campaigns. This includes writing scripts for clients to help deliver their message, planning schedules and budgets for phone and text campaigns and coordinating with colleagues in other departments to ensure projects are set up and executed on time and without error. Click for more info:

We are looking for intensely motivated people who want to play a vital role on a winning team, producing amazing results. If you are hungry, humble, smart, and adaptable, we will teach you everything you need to know about the specifics of our processes and how we help our clients win. Give us a call for more info or apply today!

Win Your Issue With Telephone Townhalls

When we think of political townhalls, it may conjure Rockwellian images of public officeholders standing before their constituents, listening earnestly, and responding thoughtfully…


While the times have certainly changed and technology has helped us evolve, the sentiment remains the same. How can elected officials, candidates or even interest groups have meaningful and effective communication that can be positive for constituents?


Telephone Townhalls, of course.

scientific study conducted in 2019, affirms these facts about telephone townhalls:

They also acknowledge that it’s not simply the act of having a telephone townhall that does the trick. Telephone townhalls are a popular tool but when you let CHQ enhance your telephone townhalls, they become “an effective platform to reach many constituents at once and cultivate trust, approval, and positive impressions among participants.”


CHQ will help you make the most of your telephone townhall by:

Putting in the work before the event – Reach out to people and invite them to join well ahead of your event through peer-to-peer text messages, an email blast to your list, a social media post, and an automated call.


Prepare you and your team – Plan the flow and structure of questions and lay out the rules for discussion, produce quality line-by-lines and include notes to help guide the conversation, and act as a moderator to open the call and keep the conversation going.


Have an interesting, worthwhile conversation – Keep the conversation fast and lively, give the audience several ways to participate including poll questions, gather email addresses, and share valuable information with your audience.


Keep it going after the event – Use the recording of your event, share on social channels, and send peer-to-peer text messages to those who may have missed your event. Email supporters a synopsis and the link to listen to the recording.


CampaignHQ helps you take your telephone townhalls to the next level in a few key ways:


  • By gathering actionable data – whether it’s a list of people who have committed to vote, contact their legislator, share their opinion on an issue, or provide an opt-in to communicate during the blackout period – we start by learning your goals and work backwards to craft a program that will result in your audience taking action.
  • By helping you maximize your reach to younger, mobile-phone-only audiences with live audio and video streaming to your website and Facebook live. We can also invite your cell phone audience to join you by text message and a free pinless (EASY) toll free number to dial in.


Now is the time to connect in a positive way. Let CHQ help you win with telephone townhalls.

School’s Back – Fun Friday

The CHQ crew had a great time this past month looking at everyone’s 🍎 back to school 🍎 pictures and all of your kid’s sports and school activities.

It certainly reminded us of the good old days when we were in school. So we thought we’d have some fun with it. Here are a few of our favorite things about school.

Drop us a comment – either a recent back to school pic or let us know what was your favorite part about school. ⤵️

Exposing the Extreme Views

Our friends at Susan B. Anthony List (@SBAList) are exposing the extreme abortion views of vulnerable Democrats.


“Most Americans oppose taxpayer funding for abortion on demand, yet a majority of Democrats have no problem ignoring their constituents to vote in lock-step with the abortion industry.”


Read more here: