Reed Award Finalists

Award season is definitely upon us. We’re having a lot of fun with it this year – it’s such a great time to celebrate all the hard work and effort our team, and our clients teams, put in this past election cycle.


We’ll do a rundown soon of our Pollie Awards, but it was recently announced that CampaignHQ was named as a finalist for several of the Reed Awards.

Nicole Schlinger Reed Awards


It’s a tremendous honor for our team to be recognized, even as finalists. We are certainly proud of the work we do on behalf of our clients, and look forward to celebrating the Reed Awards soon.

#ReedAwardsFlashback Part 2

The CHQ team worked hard in the 2020 cycle to qualify in for the Reed Awards in multiple categories. And boy, did that CHQ team ever represent. Here’s the categories they were finalists in:

Nicole Schlinger


And the CampaignHQ team really brought home the hardware in these categories:

Nicole Schlinger


Happy #FlashbackFriday! The CampaignHQ team takes great pride in the work we do for our clients and I’m so proud of our CHQ experts for their dedication. Thank you to Campaigns & Elections for recognizing this incredible team with the Reed Awards.


Every February, the CHQ team gets ready for the Reed Awards.

The Reed Awards are given every year by Campaigns & Elections and “embody excellence in political campaigning, campaign management, political consulting and political design, grassroots & advocacy.” They typically take place this week, so this week we’re taking a look back to last year’s awards. Learn more about the Reed Awards here: 

I am hopeful the Reed Awards will happen in person this year, but until then, I thought it would be fun to do a couple posts as a #FlashbackFriday, to last year’s Reed Awards.

Here’s the presentation I gave last year.


Check back next Friday for more #ReedsFlashbacks.

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The Results Are In…

Another Reed Awards post!

Nicole Schlinger Reed Awards 1

I can’t help it – I love talking about the award-winning team we have at CHQ and all their successes they’ve had. I know many of them would say, while taking home trophies is fun, the biggest win of all is getting to help great candidates, campaigns and clients effectively deliver their message.

Here were some of the successes we had on behalf of our clients at this year’s Reed Awards:

Innovation in Phone Engagement: Not Your Grandma’s Telephone Townhall

As voters and campaign donors drop their cell phones at an increasing rate, we took what is perceived as an “old fashioned” method of voter contact and made it relevant, exciting and engaging fora  new generation. Sen. Ted Cruz invited campaign supporters via text, email, phone and tweet to jin his telephone townhall. While on the call, supporters could listen, ask questions, and transfer to a live operator to make a donation. After the call, we created an MP4 video to share via peer to peer text message, allowing even more people to hear his message.

Best Automated Phone Call: You Know…That Love Letters in the Sand Guy

The 60+ Association is the country’s leading organization advocating on behalf of conservative seniors. Each election season, their well-known national spokesman, Pat Boone, lets seniors know which candidates will best represent their values. In this case, we sent automated calls featuring Boone’s unmistakable voice to support Nick Freitas, a Republican running as a write-in candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates. Freitas defied the odds and won by a 56-42 margin.

Best Use of P2P on a Campaign: Partnered with Campaign Solutions

Campaign Solutions and CampaignHQ have worked with a high-profile candidate on building out a texting program. Using Campaign Solutions’ dynamic MMS feature, GIFs or video directed to personalized landing pages has been successful in raising money for the candidate.

It was an honor to win these awards and a testament to our great team at CHQ. Our aspiration of excellence is the best award we can give to our clients. We are not just a call center, we are conservative communicators with a mission to better the future.


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Nicole Schlinger

Reed Awards, part 2

As I mentioned before, we had a great time attending this year’s Reed Awards. I was thrilled to join a really great panel of experts who spoke on, “Forecasting the New Political Landscape: How 2020 Will Impact Your Business and the Direction of the Industry.”


I also gave a presentation which you can check out below.

Feel free to always check out content on my YouTube page. 

I’d love to help get you started on your next project today.

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Reed Awards – Before the Big Show

Nicole Schlinger Reed Awards

Award season is upon us.

Ken and I recently attended the Reed Awards in Atlanta. The Reed Awards is hosted by Campaigns & Elections magazines as a way to recognize companies in the political world that are delivering exceptional content and products.

nicole schlinger swag 2

We had some fun before the big event. Shane D’Aprile from Campaigns and Elections called our gift “major league swag!”

At my presentation, we may have slipped in some swag for the attendees. Oh, and I also talked about how your campaign can benefit from a great phone program.

We had a great time. More from the 2020 Reed Awards soon.

Thanks for checking in,


Nicole Schlinger Reed Awards 1

Nicole Schlinger

Reed Awards Finalists!

We are Reed Award Finalists!

Nicole Schlinger Reed Awards

I am so incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication of the CampaignHQ team. it is an honor that an organization like Campaigns & Elections recognizes my tremendous team.

Nicole Schlinger Iowa Politics

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Loree with Nicole Schlinger, CHQ president and Chad Foster, CHQ vice president

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