Your Election is Not Cancelled

These past few months have been full of uncertainty. You may be wondering… How will you get your name on the ballot if you can’t door knock for petitions? How can you express your views on the economy to your voters? Will the election be held on the same day or postponed?

Voters are just as full of questions… Where do I vote? How do I vote? Who is even on the ballot?

One thing is for certain, if your primary is scheduled for June 2 or later, your election is not cancelled!

With door-knocking and events out of the question, now is the time to re-open and jump start your campaign, starting those crucial conversations with voters in new ways.

How can CampaignHQ help?

Voter ID

Telephone Townhalls



Use the month of May to learn what your voters think! Since in-person campaigning has been impossible for the last 60 days, you may have pushed back your voter ID. CampaignHQ can help you get back on track and identify your supporters and undecided voters.

We can set up an automated call quickly, and they are extremely affordable! We can help draft a script, record the audio, scrub the list of mobile phones, set up, and launchUsing an automated call to survey voters can help you get the results you have been anticipating quickly!

CampaignHQ can also assist you with a live blind ID call. Simply send us a list of voters you would like us to contact and we can do the rest!


Telephone Townhalls

CampaignHQ can help you rally your supporters and show undecided voters that you are ready, able, and willing to talk with them and answer their questions!

Setting up a telephone townhall is easy when working with CampaignHQ. Simply send us a date and time you would like to talk with your voters (or constituents on the official side!) and a list. We will help you record your sound files for a pre-call, live answer, voicemail, and even post call! We can also help you invite voters via text message and advise you on how to promote the event through your email and social channels.



As the country re-opens and election day grows near, phone calls can significantly impact your turnout. We are in an unprecedented time. Some people have never voted by mail and if they don’t request an absentee ballot, they may not be able to vote for you on Election Day! Others may be confused how and where to vote, now that protocols have changed due to social distancing.

CampaignHQ can send out a conTEXT message letting your voters know where their voting location is on Election Day! We can even text voters how they would apply for an absentee ballot! As you know, nothing is worse than voters not showing up to cast their ballot!

Give us a call,

Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters

Nicole Schlinger

Newsflash: phones are having a moment

The #1 challenge campaigns are facing is how to have meaningful conversations with voters when they cannot campaign in person.

People are isolated. They’re craving the back and forth, the personal connection. The only medium that allows for two-way, meaningful interactions are phones.

Katie working hard on her calls for our clients

Of course, this isn’t an either/or decision, but phones are stealing the spotlight back from the always popular digital, TV, and direct mail. Campaigns are seeing mixed results by using these typically productive outlets as ways to reach voters. Why? Well, for one, people are experiencing the crisis in many different ways and it’s difficult to craft a message with one-way forms of communications in a way that resonates with all voters.

With phones, your message is nuanced and particularized in a way the other tools just are not capable of. 

If you’re looking at an early June primary, your election will take place on schedule, and it’s coming up quick. Some voters may be casting their mail-in ballots right now!

Candidates who figure out how to have real, two-way conversations with voters are going to have a major advantage over those who just blast their information in your face.

Now is the time for a more in-depth phones strategy. We can help.

Voters get an opportunity to ask you questions, share their opinion, sign your petition, and hear your answers in a forum that’s no longer possible in person. (WATCH VIDEO)

Peer-to-Peer Texting
Candidates make a 20 second video and send it out to their voters. Campaigns can target EXACTLY AND ONLY the voters you want to see your video and ask them to share their opinion with you. More targeted than digital, more affordable than TV. Even county and local candidates can make their own TV commercial. (WATCH VIDEO)

Automated Messages and Surveys
A particularly cost-effective way to reach seniors, and most effective when the message is delivered from a trusted, respected member of the community.

People are at home and they’re either scared or they’re mad. Successful campaigns can answer that basic need for human interaction, but they can’t do it with a digital ad, a tv commercial or direct mail.

Phones will help you meet voters directly where they are. Let us help you get back to basics…and plan your WINNING strategy today.

Nicole Schlinger

In Difficult Times, Communication is Key

We are living through times you will speak about with your children and grandchildren.

People are starved for human interaction. Unable to go to church or school, they are searching for new ways to gather, connect, and communicate.

Candidates and organizations who never considered a Telephone Townhall are scrambling to set up events at a record pace.

But some of our friends have been using Telephone Townhalls and Microforums for years.

Nicole Schlinger Trump

So, who should use a Telephone Townhall and who should use a Microforum?

If you are looking to engage a small group, less than 1,500 people, then you should consider a Microforum. You still communicate directly with your audience and they can communicate with you.

If you want to reach out to a larger group of people, then a Telephone Townhall is what you need. You can dial out to 2,000 or 200,000 people. The choice is yours.

In any event, try to secure a well-known person to join your call. Advertise the call to your donors or constituents so they don’t miss a minute.

One of our recent events even had a surprise appearance by President Trump!

According to news reports about the forum, that was hosted by Family Research Council, once President Trump heard who the vice president would be talking to, he knew it was something he needed to do! The President thanked the pastors on the call for the work they have been doing, inspiring their communities and praying for our nation. He reminded the group of influential conservatives about the recent policy successes he had delivered.
Nicole Schlinger Microforum
In difficult times, communication is key.

CampaignHQ can facilitate an interactive conversation with you, the members of your organization, your voters, and your constituents.

We are so honored to help our clients meet their goals, and we would love to get to work for you today.

How can we help you in this time?

Nicole Schlinger GOP Fundraiser
Nicole Schlinger

Reach Voters Without The Worry

Nicole Schlinger COVID 19

Now that the Coronavirus has reached the U.S., we’re seeing lawmakers cut back on townhall meetings and public events and associations cancel their “Day on the Hill,” in an effort to stem the spread. While it’s important to keep the public safe, it is also problematic for lawmakers trying to interact with constituents, or organizations trying to use grassroots pressure to make headway on a critically important issue.

CampaignHQ can help you reach voters without the worry.

If you’re an elected official, CampaignHQ can help you still have an open, in-person conversation with a telephone townhall. This is particularly helpful and reassuring that your constituents will be protected but still have that important dialogue with you.  Voters have the chance to ask questions, voice their opinions, and this serves as a way to relay your message about important legislation or updates on the public health assessments in your state.

While door knocking may become difficult as voters are even more apprehensive than normal to open their door, you can still open the door to a meaningful two-way conversation with conTEXT peer to peer text message conversations. ConTEXT reaches voters right where they are with a quick note, link to important information or even a brief video message from you.

If you’re an organization, you may soon find your group is less inclined to visit the capitol to lobby their legislators – but that doesn’t mean the lawmaking has been halted. CampaignHQ can help you still reach elected officials, making your position known and your voice heard on important issues with patch through calls.

Now more than ever, it is important for legislators and voters to interact. CampaignHQ is committed to helping you keep the conversation open in this difficult and uncertain time.

If you are concerned about how to communicate with your audience in this uncertain environment, please respond to this email or give me a call at  (888) 722-4704, and let’s set up a time to talk.

Nicole Schlinger