Take Your Event to the Next Level

Nicole Schlinger

Event season is upon us. The country is opening. Organizations are holding events. Incumbents are out hosting meetings. Associations are getting together to recap the session and lay out their agenda for the next one. No matter your event – size, in-person or virtual, or topic – the experts at CampaignHQ stand ready to help you take it to the next level.

There are several strategies that you may not have even considered. Here are a few ideas:

Automated Calls

Automated calls are the fastest, most affordable way to reach people. By relying on CampaignHQ for your automated calls, you will be able to grow your RSVP list and broaden your reach affordably. You can depend on us for complete FCC / TCPA compliance, lightning-fast setup, reporting and return of data and RSVPs. When you’re planning a big event, you don’t need one more thing to worry about.


Live Calls

Our team of specialists and award-winning callers will work with you to quickly turn around a script and get the calls rolling as you push turnout to your event. Trust the pros to have effective, two-way conversations with potential attendees, providing them with all the information and details they need to attend your event.


Text Messages

There are countless ways to leverage a text message. You can send your invitation directly to attendees’ phones, send reminders to those who have RSVPed, direct people to your website or even send a follow-up video after your event, thanking attendees for their support.


Telephone Townhalls

Cover all your bases by taking your in-person event and leveraging a virtual aspect. By utilizing a telephone townhall, you’ll be able to stream audio and video and connect to your attendees virtually thought a live Facebook event or on your website. You’ll get more attendees, more attention and have content to share later.


Give us a call and let us know what you’re planning. We will talk through your goals, expectations and needs and work with you to develop the best plan for YOU. There’s no question, with the CampaignHQ team by your side, you’ll knock it out of the park.

conTEXT Works

The lookbacks to the 2020 election keep coming – and this time it’s all about peer-to-peer texting and its effectiveness in the past election cycle.

According to polling from Mitto, “campaign text messages were largely impactful; more than half of the recipients read all or most of the text messages they received from campaigns and nearly one-third reported that their voting decisions were influenced by the text messages. This was especially true as 37% of respondents reported that they felt influenced to register to vote because of campaign text messages they received ahead of the election.”

CampaignHQ knows the tremendous asset conTEXT can be to any candidate, elected official, organization or association. The value of peer-to-peer texting is that a real human being is making a connection with another.

While you have limited characters to work with, peer-to-peer texting is good for EVERYTHING. 

  • Introduce yourself to voters having a two-way conversation.
  • Reach out to association members to help them engage on priority legislation.
  • Share a 20 second video message directly to a constituent’s phone.
  • Engage low propensity and undecided voters who are notoriously hard to reach.
  • Share polling location information with voters you are trying to turnout.
  • Fight back against political attacks or disinformation.

We can share images, sound, video, and website links via conTEXT peer to peer text message. 

Nicole Schlinger

CHQ is the industry leader when it comes to peer-to-peer texting. Our team knows how to deliver the right message to help you be successful. Our agents personally send and reply to every single message. We can even track who clicked on your link!

conTEXT is an incredibly effective tool and CampaignHQ is an award winning company who will deliver your message.

Nicole Schlinger

They’re Back!

Across the country, state legislatures are reconvening, and new Congress is already at work in Washington, DC.

Unlike 2020, this year’s legislative sessions will not be cancelled. In fact, newly elected leaders are making up for lost time. We expect record activity as politicians either try to make their campaign promises into law or break those promises with the hope that constituents do not notice.

In many states and at the federal level, lawmakers are looking under every proverbial “couch cushion” to find a few extra bucks to fill massive budget gaps.

If you do not want your members unfairly targeted for tax hikes or burdensome regulations, you need a strategy to make your voice heard.

In pre-pandemic times, you may have planned a trip to the Capitol or attended your lawmaker’s local townhall meetings. With the vaccine still months away for most Americans, personal access to lawmakers will be difficult, if not impossible.

You need a new plan to reach lawmakers and make sure the voice of YOUR PEOPLE is heard. 

We can help you craft a creative, WINNING strategy!


The best way to get a politician’s attention is to mobilize constituents to voice their support or opposition to pending legislation.

One important distinction – not all contacts are created equal. Anyone on The Hill will tell you, calls matter. In a deeper dive on the issue, The NY Times noted:

“Activists of all political stripes recommend calling legislators, not just emailing — and certainly not just venting on social media….A phone call from a constituent can, indeed, hold more weight than an email, and far outweighs a Facebook post or a tweet.”

Nicole Schlinger

Patch Through Calls

CampaignHQ can help you generate these all-important telephone contacts with a smartly run patch through campaign.

Patch through calls empower YOU to identify like-minded people, educate them about your issue, and transfer them directly to their lawmaker’s office to make their voice heard.

To run an effective patch through campaign, our campaign experts will help you:

1. Target the Fence Sitters

There’s no need to waste limited resources on someone who is solidly in your camp or firmly against you. However, it can be helpful to send a few positive patches into an office to give backup to someone taking a tough vote on your behalf.

2. Keep It Conversational

Our script writing professionals will make sure your script is simple and straight to the point. Constituents are not immersed in the unique language of your industry. They want to know what the issue is, how it affects them, and how they can make a difference.

3. Coordinate Your Efforts

Patch through calls are a powerful tool, but they are even better when coordinated with your ongoing advocacy efforts.

Peer-to-Peer Texting

Peer-to-Peer texting isn’t just for campaign turnout.

To execute an effective P2P plan, our campaign experts will help you:

1. Mobilize Your Membership

Interest groups can mobilize activists to support the key legislation by sending a text message with an informative video or a link on how to engage their elected officials.

2. Connect and Converse with your Allies

The value of peer-to-peer texting is that a real human being is making a connection with another. Our team reads and responds to every text so the target audience is getting a real, two-way conversation.

3. Open a New Fundraising Channel

Engaging by text message can even be an effective way to raise money. Personalized messages, pictures, GIFs, links and videos help the audience buy in to what you’re selling and have the tool to donate right at their fingertips.

Telephone Townhalls

The vaccine may be rolling out across the country, but it will be a long time before people are comfortable with in-person events. If you’re an interest group, one way to mobilize your membership on important issues and keep them engaged is with telephone townhalls.

To run an effective telephone townhall, our campaign experts will help you:

1. Put in the work before the event

The most active and involved participants in any telephone townhall are those who proactively dial in to the event, so focus on contacting those who will be interested. We’ll help you with a text message, automated call, email, or social media post to help you get the word out.

2. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

It’s important to approach a telephone townhall with the same level of preparation as any in-person event. CampaignHQ has the expertise when it comes to: planning the flow and structure of questions, producing a quality line-by-line, and even acting as a moderator.

3. Have an interesting conversation 

We can help you to ensure you hold your audience with a conversation WORTH having by keeping the conversation fast and lively. We’ll also help you construct poll questions to keep your audience engaged.

4. Keep it going after the event

After your successful event, it’s time to take the most valuable segments of your interactive conversation and share them with an even larger audience by using a recording of your event and sharing it on social channels as well as sending peer-to-peer text messages sharing the event.

Politicians are always thinking about their next re-election. Hearing from one constituent after another on a particular issue is a way you can capitalize on that fact. Elected officials are good people who want to do right by their constituents.

Give us a call today and let us start delivering your message.

These tools aren’t just for advocating to legislators.

If you are a legislator, you should be utilizing these strategies to reach out and have real conversations with your constituents.

Now is the time to allow constituents to engage with you by asking their questions, meeting them right where they are, and building your lists for the next cycle.

Let us help you get started.  1-888-722-4704

Facebook is Shutting You Down

Facebook recently announced it will not accept any new political ads in the last 7 days before Election Day. So, what happens if your opponent attacks you on the night of the 8th day and the “Facebook thought police” won’t let you respond?

You need a way to reach voters – and you can do that with conTEXT, live calls, and telephone townhalls.


You can introduce yourself, share your vision in a 20 second video, refute an attack, show a sample ballot and ask each person to watch your video and share their opinions.  There are countless ways to leverage this tool.

CHQ is the industry leader when it comes to peer-to-peer texting. Our team knows how to deliver the right message to your voters to help you win. Our agents personally send and reply to every single message. We can even track who clicked on your link!

Nicole Schlinger campaign Nicole Schlinger campaign Nicole Schlinger campaign


Live calls
An effective way to combat voter confusion is with live calls. Our team of specialists and award winning callers will work with you to quickly turn around a script and get the calls rolling.

Candidates who take advantage of real, two-way conversations with voters are going to have a major advantage over those who just blast their information in your face.

nicole schlinger callers


Telephone Townhall
A telephone townhall helps you reach a large audience directly and let the voters interact with you, showing them that you’re ready, able and willing to speak with them and answer their questions.

Even better – setting up a telephone townhall couldn’t be easier when you’re working with CampaignHQ. We will help you record your sound files for a pre-call, live answer, voicemail, and even post call. Don’t forget to invite voters via conTEXT message.

We’ll help you use poll questions to gather critical information from the people on your call. Are they voting early or in person? Are they voting for you or your opponent? You’ll get real time, actionable data that can move the needle in your campaign.

Nicole Schlinger

Facebook’s move is more than just an inconvenience for you – if you don’t take it seriously, it may be fatal to your campaign. We can help you combat disinformation about polling locations or absentee ballots, fight back when the smear attacks come from your opponent, or make a positive, last minute push.

When it’s too late to drop mail and the airways are already full, we’ve got your back with context, live calls and telephone townhalls.

What’s Better Than MMS

The only thing better than MMS is Double MMS. 

I wanted to give you a preview of this great new tool we’ve perfected, so you can add this to your arsenal.

As you know, regular SMS messages are limited to 160 characters. You can send a longer message, but you run the risk of having it broken up at all the wrong points when it’s delivered to the voter’s phone. (Or worse yet, having some parts delivered and others undelivered).

We are now doing a Double MMS. This sends the text as MMS in a single segment along with a picture, GIF or MP4 video.

Here’s a quick sample:

Nicole Schlinger MMS

Let CampaignHQ send a long message without worrying that your message will get jumbled. Don’t forget, you can still include personalization like first name, voting location, etc.

Now’s a terrific time to utilize this new, effective tool. Give us a call (888-722-4704) to get started taking your campaign to the next level.

Trackable Links

Nicole Schlinger Trackable Links

Have you been maximizing your effect with conTEXT? With our full service P2P text messaging service, YOU can engage your target audience in a two-way conversation.

Solve Your Problems With conTEXT:

  • Share pictures, videos, and sound files
  • Encourage early or absentee voting
  • Invite participants to your telephone townhall
  • Survey your audience
  • Inform voters
  • Give Election Day updates
  • …and more!

context video Nicole Schlinger context video Nicole Schlinger

CampaignHQ is a one-stop shop for peer-to-peer text messaging. We can:

  • Create custom graphics and media including JPG, GIF, MP4, and MP3,
  • Write your messages and replies
  • Send your message and respond to each voter who replies
  • Store/sort your data for the next project!

Our talented conTEXT agents will send your message directly to voters’ phones. This is an effective and cost-efficient way to identify and persuade voters, increase turnout, mobilize activists, and even raise money.

Want to see who engages with your conTEXT?

We are taking conTEXT to the next level by providing our clients with the ability to see exactly who is clicking the link in their message.

If you want to use a trackable link in your next conTEXT message with us, simply let us know and we will take care of the rest! After the project is complete, our data team will provide you with your link report.

Benefits of Trackable Links:

Nicole Schlinger Trackable links

If you haven’t been utilizing our conTEXT program, there has never been a better opportunity to start. Give us a call (888-722-4704) to get started taking your campaign to the next level.


Nicole Schlinger

Summer is Cancelled

Parades, town festivals, backyard BBQs, local fairs – there is nothing more authentic than campaigning in the summertime. Large crowds of local voters and lots of hands to shake make for easy and fun campaign work.

But what happens during a global pandemic where crowds are forbidden and handshaking is frowned upon?

How do you connect with voters when summer is cancelled?

Nicole Telephone Townhall

Voter ID 
Step one of campaigning is identifying your supporters. Since in-person campaigning has been nearly impossible, you may have pushed back your voter ID. If you haven’t done this already, you are behind. Don’t worry – we can get you back on track.

We can set up an automated call quickly, and they are extremely affordable! We can help draft a script, record the audio, scrub the list of mobile phones, set up, and launchUsing an automated call to survey voters can help you get the results you have been anticipating quickly!

CampaignHQ can also assist you with a live blind ID call. Simply send us a list of voters you would like us to contact and we can do the rest!


Telephone Townhall
CampaignHQ can help you rally your supporters and show undecided voters that you are ready, able, and willing to talk with them and answer their questions.

Setting up a telephone townhall is easy when working with CampaignHQ. Simply send us a date and time you would like to talk with your voters (or constituents on the official side) and a listWe will help you record your sound files for a pre-call, live answer, voicemail, and even post call!

We can also help you invite voters via conTEXT message and advise you on how to promote the event through your email and social channels.

If you haven’t added peer-to-peer texting to your campaign arsenal yet, you’re missing an important component. This may be your best chance to capture the attention of young voters, women voters, and swing voters.

You can introduce yourself, share your vision in a 20 second video, and ask each person to watch your video and share their opinions.  There are countless ways to leverage this tool.

Remember, the value of peer-to-peer texting is that a real human being is making a connection with another. Our agents personally send and reply to every single message. We can even track who clicked on your link!


As confusion continues to surround the country re-opening, Election Day is growing near. Phone calls can significantly impact your turnout.

Some people will be voting by mail who have never voted by mail before. These voters may be confused on how to even request an absentee ballot. Those who want to vote in person may be confused how and where to vote, now that protocols have changed due to social distancing.

In addition to GOTV calls, CampaignHQ can send out a conTEXT message letting your voters know where their voting location is on Election Day.We can even text voters how they would apply for an absentee ballot. Nothing is worse than voters not showing up to cast their ballot.


While summer may be cancelled, we know your election is not. Want the winning edge? Give me a call at  (888) 722-4704. 

Nicole Schlinger

Battling a Pandemic and a Tough Opponent

With our current global climate and intense pressure from leaders all over our nation recommending individuals stay at home to stop the spread of COVID-19, we are left with candidates up and down the ballot unable to communicate with 2020 General Election voters.

The Republic is in jeopardy and our Nation comes down to the 2020 Election! How can you spread your message, but not your germs with voters? CampaignHQ can help!

nicole schlinger callers

CampaignHQ is open and spreading the message for hundreds of candidates across the nation!

We are helping elected officials and candidates have a real-time interactive conversation with thousands of people via telephone townhall.

These telephone townhalls allow constituents to engage by asking their questions, answering polls, and voicing their opinionsBy using CampaignHQ for your telephone townhalls you will receive a copy of your recording, data, and executive report shortly after your call.

With this information you have the ability to keep the conversation going even after the event has ended by having CampaignHQ send a 30 second sound file via automated call or developing an mp4 video using the same recording to text out to thousands who missed it!

CampaignHQ can help you to have the effective Voter ID, advocacy, and GOTV you planned for!

ID your voters with a quick automated survey or conTEXT peer to peer text message. Advocate for your candidate with live calls, automated calls, and conTEXT messaging. Get Out The Vote with a telephone townhall, live calls, automated calls, and conTEXT.

Whether you’re battling a global pandemic or a tough opponent, you can count on CampaignHQ to help you devise a strategy to effectively communicate with your audience.


Give me a call at (888) 722-4704, and let’s set up a time to talk.