Fun Friday – Update Your Calendar

Happy Friday, friends!

As we turned the calendar to 2020, that means we’re also turning the calendar to an Election Year, aren’t you excited?!


The CampaignHQ team is and we’ve already got you covered with important dates.

NIcole Schlinger Election Day calendar

Give us a call and let us know what we can get started for you today to help you be successful in November.



Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters

Nicole Schlinger


Less Than 600 Days Away

It’s less than 600 days until Election Day! (aren’t you glad I’m keeping track for you?)

Never fear! The talented and experienced staff at CampaignHQ are here to help.

conTEXT Two-Way Text Messaging

Engage members of your target audience in a two-way conversation with peer-to-peer text messaging. Our talented conTEXT agents send personalized messages, pictures, and GIFs. You can identify and persuade voters, increase turnout, mobilize activists, and even raise money.

Voter ID & Advocacy

The experts at CampaignHQ know how to identify voters and advocate your message through a smart combination of live and automated calling. Our persistent, knowledgeable, and effective campaign representatives can (and do) provide the margin of victory.

Telephone Townhalls

Telephone Townhalls are a powerful, effective way to communicate your message to an audience of thousands, over the phone and online. At CampaignHQ, we specialize in turning communication into action through training, scripting, and real-time feedback. Once the event is over, we’ll help you make the best use of your valuable data.

Telephone Fundraising

We are award-winning telephone fundraisers. Our fundraising team offers unique opportunities to engage and maintain relationships with your donors including specialized calls to major donors and monthly sustainers. Telephone fundraising is not meant for everyone. But if your campaign or organization is a good fit, we will maximize your long term investment.
And so, so much more. Give us a call today so we can get started working for you.

Congratulations Conservatives!

Nicole Schlinger Congrats

Many thanks to the conservative voices who stepped up to put their name on the ballot this year. We thank you for doing what you can to preserve our freedom and values. We are so proud of the work we did to help our clients have successful outcomes on Election Day. Thank you for letting us be a part of your winning teams.

Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters

-Nicole Schlinger

President, CampaignHQ

Time For A Laugh

Studies show a big, hearty laugh is good for your body, mind, and soul. And when you are in the right frame of mind, you can make amazing things happen.

With just days to go in this election cycle, are you overworked, stressed out, ready to explode?

Then take a few minutes and join me for a good laugh. I usually bust this video out at the end of each election cycle – it never gets old!

Hope you are refreshed and ready to go. If you need us for calls or our newest addition – conTEXT – our peer to peer text messaging process, give me a shout. We’re here to help 24/7.



Nicole Schlinger always hard at work for CHQ clients