Win Your Issue With Patch Through Calls

Nicole Schlinger

At CampaignHQ, we are the experts at helping you deliver your message. But what you should know is that we’re not just winging it. When it comes to communicating with voters, elected officials or members of your organization, we have years of experience and tried and true methods for effectively setting you apart from the rest. On top of that, we keep up with research and pay special attention to where things in our industry are headed.

Sometimes in this business, the best science is to listen directly to what elected officials and their staff members are sharing. Back in 2016, the New York Times conducted interviews with several experts, handling the day-to-day communications for elected officials. The biggest takeaway was the very best way to deliver your message to them is through the phone.

Social media, snail mail, in person visits, nothing has the same weight to a congressional office as a large volume of calls. What’s more, the better the person could articulate the issue, the more effective the call.

Here’s where CampaignHQ can help. When it comes to patch through calls, we’ve got the experience, the script-writing knowledge and the data management to help you really succeed.

With our patch through program, we’ll call your universe, educate them about your issue, patch them through to their particular legislator, and let them inform the lawmaker how they’d like them to vote.

This is a tremendously impactful way to communicate with legislators, and make sure your issue is getting the most attention. Even Congressional staff and lawmakers agree.

No matter the issue, the state, the member of Congress you’re trying to reach – we will help you effectively educate voters about your issue as well as influence the lawmaker with the patch through and you will win your issue.