The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Happy Friday friends!

I hope you had another great week. As we close out this week, I thought I’d leave you with a fun clip from one of my favorite TV shows, The Office.

Dwight Schrute – survivalist, entrepreneur and expert in just about everything – how could you not love him?

Have a fun weekend!

Nicole Schlinger and Chief Canine Officer Martha Waffles

Nicole Schlinger


Happy April Fool’s Day – The Office Style

If you know me, you know how much I love The Office. I stumbled upon this post, “14 ‘The Office’ April Fool’s Day Pranks.

A few highlights:

  • Put a co-worker’s stuff in the vending machine.

  • Dress and mimic one of your co-workers

You can read the full post here. 


I do think this article is missing one great prank that Jim and The Office team pulled – Dwight Meets “Asian Jim”. For your viewing pleasure

Have a great day!


Fun Friday

For today’s Fun Friday post, I thought I’d share a couple pictures to make you smile.

I found this one online and it gave me a pretty good laugh. You know, I love books.


Last week (3-14) was Pi Day and of course I had to share this one – I know it will come in handy for you.


And finally, #CHQ‘s very own version of the Schrute Buck. Yes, it’s worth the same ratio of unicorns to leprechauns as a Stanley Nickel. Dwight Schrute and The Office should always appear in Fun Friday posts.


Have a great weekend!