Fun With Phones – Flashback Friday

In early 2020, we launched a fun way to provide real world examples of how our clients put us to work for them – we called it “Fun with Phones.”

You can watch all of our YouTube videos here, but here are two of my favorites.

Right now is a great time to host a telephone townhall. They’re not just for candidates, they’re useful for elected officials to discuss and update constituents as well as interest groups. Watch the video to hear a fun story about some of the telephone townhall work we’ve done in the past.


And what’s better than a blooper reel? You might be able to tell, we take the work seriously but not ourselves and we know how to have a good laugh.


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Nicole Schlinger


More Fun With Phones – Services + Telephone Townhalls

Here are a few more of our Fun with Phones videos.

Maryls is chatting about the many services CHQ offers and how we do our jobs to make sure you’re getting the best value that you are spending.

And here’s me chatting about how telephone townhalls might be right for you. There’s a “fun” story about a telephone townhall we hosted for  the Tea Party Patriots.

You can always check our latest videos on my YouTube page.

Thanks for watching,

Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters

Nicole Schlinger


Fun With Phones – Tele-Townhalls

Have you been catching up on our latest series, Fun With Phones? 


Nicole Schlinger big bang theory

The CampaignHQ team is putting together some fun scenarios, reminding you that your next outreach campaign can be a lot of fun with phones.

Take for instance the fact that your donors want insider information on how your organization/candidate is doing. Can you blame them? They want to know how their hard earned money turned donation is helping! By holding a Telephone Townhall you can reach all of your donors in one phone call and give them the satisfaction of knowing that they put their money to a good cause! #CHQCampaign Headquarters

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Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters

Nicole Schlinger