Get the Kleenex – a Touching Follow – Up

Back in May, I featured Loree’s story – Loree has been a dedicated CampaignHQ employee for a number of years. She’s a valuable caller and recently had a call that surprised even her.

You should really go read the full post, but to refresh your memory, Loree shared a bit about a recent call she’d had:

I spoke with a gentleman who seemed very interested in the program, but did not want to make a commitment over the phone. I’ve encountered that before, and since he was supportive of the mission, I explained more about the program and different ways he could donate. When I shared our entire message, and he still wasn’t ready to make his commitment, I thanked him and ended the call.

Several days later, I was in for a big surprise!

The person with whom I spoke is the head of a foundation! As the result of our conversation, he reached out to non-profit organization and made a sizable donation.

Here’s the follow-up story – our client sent Loree a personalized thank you for her hardwork on behalf of their tremendous cause.

Nicole Schlinger leprosy

Nicole Schlinger leprosy 2

Isn’t this just the best?

CampaignHQ is really lucky to have both the best employees AND the best clients.

Join us,

Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters

Nicole Schlinger

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