Fun Friday – Goal Check

It’s an Election Year. It’s a pandemic year. All of this could be a great excuse.

Why you didn’t win your election.

Why you didn’t meet your revenue targets.

Why you didn’t use the opportunity of the entire world shutting down to make the changes you needed to make to get the life you wanted to live, the business you were destined to build.

If there was ever a year, you could claim your problems are someone else’s fault … this is it.

No thank you.

The year is half over. Are you halfway to your goals?

Niocle Schlinger awards

Have a good weekend,

Nicole Schlinger

The Prosper Group Pop In

I was so honored to share some “expert” advice with my friends at the Prosper Group a few weeks ago.

Nicole Schlinger Prosper Group

If you don’t know them – you need to!

From their blog: “The Prosper Group is an internationally-recognized, award-winning digital marketing agency headquartered in Indianapolis, specializing in online media, strategy, and fundraising for Republican political candidates, advocacy organizations, associations, and non-profits. The Prosper Group’s best-in-industry work has been recognized for awards dozens of times by prestigious organizations such as the American Association of Political Consultants and Campaigns & Elections.

The firm has worked in tandem with President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Senator Ted Cruz, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, Congressman Will Hurd, the National Association of Manufacturers, Fox News, and many other candidates and organizations.”


As PG was discussing different opportunities to overcome voter contact challenges in the run up to Election Day, they featured a blog post from me regarding Telephone Townhalls. Here’s a sample:


Getting your audience on the line is just the first step.

Your telephone townhall is only successful if it results in actionable data on which you can follow up and drive turnout. To be successful, determine what actions you want this audience to take and inspire them to do so.

Call to action examples:

Plan to vote

Press 1 if you plan to request a mail-in ballot
Press 2 if you plan to vote in person
Press 3 if you aren’t sure

Pledge to vote

Press 1 to pledge your vote to Donald Trump + the GOP Ticket
Press 2 if you aren’t sure
Press 3 if you are voting for Joe Biden

Based on your goals, your townhall provider should create and distribute a detailed line by line agenda for the telephone townhall.

Prior to the event, make sure you conduct a thorough training on how to use the townhall platform, watch your real-time results, and communicate during the event.

Go to their blog to check out the full piece. Thanks again to the Prosper Group for letting me weigh in.

Nicole Schlinger always hard at work for CHQ clients

Nicole Schlinger

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

Nicole Schlinger Ryan Holiday

And then the pandemic started.

If this was your first existential crisis … welcome. Hope it didn’t kick you too hard.

For those of us in the arena, whose backs have been up against the wall before, who have had to make the decision “do I live or die today?” … do I put up my hands in surrender or do I turn and fight? We’ve been practicing for this our whole lives. We’re made for this. Like Marcus Aurelius says, “What do I have to complain of, if I’m going to do what I was born for — the things I was brought into the world to do?

So when it felt like the walls were closing in, I picked up my copy of the Daily Stoic, ironically on March 20th. “Ready and At Home.”

I read the entire year again in under a week. If you want to come out the other side of this mess as a winner, read this now. If you need further convincing, check out my prior review.

Thanks for reading,


Nicole Schlinger


P.S. – If you’re looking for some page turners, check out my complete book list for 2018 for a good place to start.

Fun Friday – An Inspiration

This Fun Friday post I wanted to post something really uplifting.


I have known Jenny Beth Martin for 10 years. She lost her home in the 2008 financial crisis and was cleaning other people’s homes at night to get by. Two years later she was one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people.


She came to my office and inspired my callers, many of whom have never met an influential, conservative woman who understands the hard path they have walked in life. Watch this video you and you will see why Jenny Beth Martin is an inspiration.


Mom Gives Unexpected Speech Directly to Trump, Room Goes Dead Silent

Trump listens to every word she says. Listen to his response…

Posted by Dan Bongino on Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Have a great weekend,

Nicole Schlinger

Swipe Red

When your pipes burst and you need a good plumber, whose advice do you trust – anonymous Yelp reviews or a recommendation from friends?

90% of consumers surveyed noted that they trust recommendations from people they know, while 70% trusted consumer opinions posted online.

What the corporate advertisers of the world have figured out can easily be carried over to campaign world and with SwipeRed, we can help you do this today. 

Connecting volunteers with their own personal social networks is a more effective way of gaining supporters. Why do we have campaign volunteers – our most ardent advocates – call thousands of strangers with mind-numbing blind ID surveys?


Your campaign volunteers’ time is your most precious and irreplaceable asset, stop wasting it. 


Put your best asset front and center, where it will get the attention of voters who will listen and respond with their vote. Have volunteers contact people in their own personal social network.

Nicole sclhinger phones

How SwipeRed™ Works:

  1. Ask your volunteers to download the app
  2. The app identifies their personal contacts who match your voter file
  3. Give your volunteer campaign messages to share – issues, voting deadlines, about you, etc.
  4. Your volunteers share YOUR message to THEIR friends by email, text, and social media

Nicole schlinger technology

What’s next:

Once you’ve super charged your volunteer effort and your volunteers are signing up more voters in less time … what do you about the rest of the voters in your target universe – call CHQ!

Our experts can help you reach the remaining targeted voters on your list in countless ways, including: Automated calls, Voter ID & Advocacy, GOTV and peer-to-peer texting.

We can even help you recruit more volunteers … that you can have sign up with Swipe Red.

Save your volunteers for the MOST impactful work and leave the rest to us.

Martha Takes Over

In case you missed it – I, Martha Waffles, took over the CampaignHQ email account the other day and happened to send out my yearly update from the trenches. It’s some of my finest work. I hope you will enjoy my “pup-date”:


Hello everyone, “howl” ya doin’?

Everything over here at CampaignHQ remains “pawsative.” I wanted to give you a few updates on what I have been up to the last 6 months – I think you’ll see, I haven’t just been “rolling over!

I have been “sitting” (good girl) in on several meetings where we have discussed the advancement of our conTEXT messaging. My employees and I have worked our fingers to the “bone” – making sure we live up to our slogan as the “Best Conservative Call Center in America.”

Just like the “pup-arazzi,” I’ve been making my employees include images and videos in their peer-to-to-peer text messages. In fact, I asked them to make you a sample below to see how much more attention you can get with an image.

Nicole Schlinger text message

I’ve also been super busy working with Jessica to get your GIFTS wrapped! Oh wait, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that! BAD DOG! Well, when you “fetch” the mail, please act surprised. I don’t want to get in trouble again. But needless to say, if you have a secret, I’m not very good at keeping it.

Marlys loves it when I help her set up multiple patch through projects ranging from the South Carolina State House all the way to the United States Congress!  No one keeps elected officials in line and makes them “heel” better than the CHQ team.

Okay, okay…. Enough serious business. I have a really funny story for you!

A few months ago, one of my employees was eating summer sausage (YUM). Well, he had this meeting to go over how our data team can continue to uphold their standards of getting trackers out early every. single. morning! And I, Martha Waffles, did not want that summer sausage to go to waste. So, I did what any sane pup would do and ate the entire platter! I will never “a-paw-logize,” it was delicious.

Nicole Schlinger dog

So, the next time you need someone to help you raise the “woof” on your phone calls or text messages, make sure you ask if your call center has a Chief Canine Officer named Martha Waffles. That’s how you know you’re getting the very best … ME!

Nicole Schlinger winter

“Fur-ever” yours,
Martha Waffles
Chief Canine Officer

Nicole Schlinger’s Pandemic Reading Part Deux

If you’re just stopping by today, I’ve been going through a few books I picked up during the pandemic. You can check out an old post here or stay current on my Medium page.


Anyway, the next few surprised me – in some good, and not so good ways. Nicole Schlinger Why We Sleep


Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker

It’s rare that I would read a non-fiction book about a topic other than business or human psychology. Basically I need to know how to run my business or deal with the people who impact it. But the surest way to surrender my own reasoned choice is not to get a good night’s sleep. So I thought there would be value in this book, and indeed there was. Up to a point.

This book was chock full of great information, and Walker is one of the country’s leading experts on sleep. But as the book wore on, his constant judgments and dispersions were just too much. Perhaps his copy editor did not get enough sleep on the day he had to tell Walker what to cut.

Nicole Schlinger Tiffany Blues

Tiffany Blues: A Novel by M. J. Rose

This was a surprisingly good book. This was a fictional account of two female artists who were selected to spend the summer as Tiffany fellows in the summer of 1924. While the story of Jenny Bell and Minx Deering is fictional, the Tiffany fellows program, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and his son, Oliver, are all indeed real.

When you read a lot of fiction in the same genre, you can often guess how a story will end halfway through. This one kept me guessing almost until the very end.

Nicole Schlinger Dreamland

Dreamland by Nancy Bilyeau

When Fiona Davis called this book a “rollicking ride,” I assumed it would be one of my favorite books of the year. WRONG!

Dreamland is the story of one of America’s wealthiest families and the summer they spent on Coney Island.

Young Peggy, who thinks she’s not spoiled because she worked at a bookstore, falls foolishly in love with an immigrant artist who sells both paintings and hot dogs at Coney Island. Her sister is engaged to an ogre of a man who was originally after Peggy.

The male members of the Batternberg family are either sexually deviant, harboring secrets, or just mean. Strangely, the sexually deviant one has no bearing on the plotline or the ultimate resolution of the story. So why bother?

The characters were not only unlikeable, they were utterly unbelievable. At least it was free with Kindle Unlimited.

“Social distancing triggers more virtual, tele-town halls among lawmakers”

I stumbled upon an article the other day that illustrates how candidates are having to really take a fresh look at how they are campaigning…

Nicole Schlinger Telephone Townhall

Now, like many of his colleagues, he is listening to the people online. The Republican is among growing number of the lawmakers now hosting Facebook Live town halls with constituents. His town hall and question-and-answer session lasted nearly a half-hour.

“We’re using all tools of technology,” he said. “The worst thing we can do today, in my opinion, is to not embrace that technology and to isolate ourselves.”

You can read the full article here. 

And you can give me a call or shoot me an email at, so our team can get started on this for you today.

Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters

-Nicole Schlinger