Fun Friday – The Main Event

The most celebrated day at CampaignHQ is almost here – The HQ Awards!

Nicole Schlinger red carpet

For the fifth year in a row, our team will join together for a night of fun, celebration, door prizes, great food and recognizing all of the accomplishments of the past year.

Our CampaignHQ employees are known across the country for their legendary
customer service. We’re so happy to be able to set aside one night and really showcase all the hard work this team has done over the course the year.

Nicole Schlinger awards
Gold, silver and bronze awards will be given in four categories and are based on a variety of successful call pledges and fundraising achievements, including:
Overcoming Objections Award
Double Credit Award
The Monthly Award
The Combo Award

Nicole Schlinger extension




Be sure to check back later this month for more updates on the winners. We can’t wait to celebrate our talented employees!


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