Election Survival Kits to the Rescue

When it comes to campaign work, there are some things that are inevitable: late nights, long days, stressful situations, and a quick sprint to Election Day. The Campaign Headquarters team has worked on countless campaigns and we’ve seen it all. We know the best way to survive the run up to Election Day is with plenty of snacks, caffeine, a bottle of Tylenol and some effective GOTV calls.


Election Survival Kits are all ready to go to our great clients!


That’s why, every year the CHQ team puts together Election Survival Kits for our clients. These kits are stuffed full of beef jerky, 5-Hour Energy, toothpaste, Tylenol and a blanket, for those nights when you just have to sleep under your desk.


At CHQ we practice giftology – The right gift says “I understand you. You matter to me.” A gift is a memorable moment. It’s a slow moment … one that’s not lost in the daily flood of emails, tweets, and posts. I write more about this idea (and the book behind it) here in my Medium post. 


Our clients are always on our minds and we’re doing everything we can to get them through the last push to Election Day


Whether it’s quality snacks or quality calls, let CHQ help get you through Election Day.


-Nicole Schlinger

President, Campaign Headquarters


431 thoughts on “Election Survival Kits to the Rescue”

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