A Look Ahead

Well, after the giant dumpster fire that was my 2018 reading list, I’m setting the bar at 55 books this year. For a book to be “counted” that means reading the first page, the last page, and every page in between. No skimming, no summaries, no cheating.

While I’ve been known to finish the year with a quick re-read of Seth Godin (short) masterpiece “The Dip” … I ordinarily do not let the length of the book or the time it will take to finish influence my selections.

This year, I’m starting off with The Life of Elizabeth I by Allison Weir, albeit not the super cool leather bound edition pictured below.

Check out the rest of what I’m reading this year on my Medium post here: https://medium.com/@nicoleschlinger/a-look-ahead-what-ill-be-reading-in-2019-nicole-schlinger-book-reviews-25611f057968 

What are you looking forward to reading this year? Leave me a comment or shoot me an email.



Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters

36 thoughts on “A Look Ahead”

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