The Most Dedicated Employees

One of the things that sets CampaignHQ apart from any competitors is our incredible employees.

They’re dependable, genuine, devoted and dedicated.

Nicole Schlinger business


Nicole Schlinger business


Nicole Schlinger business


Nicole Schlinger business

These three alone raised $450,000 and secured 4,500 credit card donations in less than a year.

Nicole Schlinger business

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Nicole Schlinger

Way Back Wednesday

Normally I save the light and fun posts for Friday but I thought I’d do a little reminiscing today. It’s fun to look back at where I’ve been – the campaigns I’ve been a part of, the people I’ve met and the candidates I’ve worked for.

With now Gov. Kim Reynolds and Ambassador to China Terry Branstad

These experiences have certainly shaped my outlook and the direction CampaignHQ has taken over the years.

With Ganske for Senate campaign alumn William Armistead

I’m proud of the work we’ve done and the conservatives we’ve worked so hard for. Looking back is fun, but looking forward to new and exciting adventures is thrilling.

With U.S. Senator and former presidential candidate Ted Cruz

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