How I Met CHQ

In a recent post, I introduced you to our newest employee, Morgan. 

Nicole Schlinger GOP

Morgan took the time to send an email out to our clients and friends and I thought it was worth sharing here.

Hi everyone! My name is Morgan Bonwell and I am the newest addition to the CHQ family.

I am a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa where I majored in Communication Studies and minored in Politics and Law. I am from small-town Iowa, which aligns perfectly with the CHQ community.

We were such a perfect match that we had been in a business relationship without even knowing it!

After college I went to work at the Iowa State Capitol to clerk for Representative Tedd Gassman. Following, I was offered a position with the Indiana Republican Party as a Regional Field Director. Many of you probably know how big of a deal Indiana’s Senate seat was in the 2018 election… we did too!

As I was working day in and day out for future Senator Mike Braun and the statewide team doing phone calling-so was CHQ!

The Indiana GOP did many conTEXT campaigns with Campaign Headquarters because they understood how important it was to turn Joe Donnelly’s seat.

We all know how the campaign turned out with the Indiana GOP and Campaign HQ working together to elect conservative candidates, and I am so honored to say I was a part of it all!
So over the next few weeks I will be training with our Culture Keeper and Senior Campaign Director, Marlys Popma, and in time I will be taking new CHQ clients to maximize our efforts in electing and promoting the right choice!

I am so enthusiastic about helping your future endeavors whether it be GOTV, VID, Advocacy, etc! Be sure to give me a call at 888-722-4704 (Ext. 203) or send me an email at so we can get started on your next big project!

We’re so glad to have Morgan on our team, give her a call today.


Thanks for reading,

Nicole Schlinger