Women’s History Year

I guess I missed posting anything about Women’s History Month. The government says we celebrate it March 1 – 31, but I say we celebrate it all year so I’m doing a post about it in April.

I know many hardworking women who do incredible work, while wearing heels and juggling a million other things like families, demanding schedules and challenging situations.

photo courtesy of IWF

One of those women is Gov. Kim Reynolds. I read this article a few weeks back and it made me even more proud of our great governor. Not only is she a woman and a leader, but she’s a conservative.

There’s this article too, that discusses that not only has she shattered the glass ceiling herself, but she’s elevating women into top positions in her staff.

Who’s a woman you’ve looked up to?

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This is me with Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of Susan B. Anthony List.