What’s Better Than MMS

The only thing better than MMS is Double MMS. 

I wanted to give you a preview of this great new tool we’ve perfected, so you can add this to your arsenal.

As you know, regular SMS messages are limited to 160 characters. You can send a longer message, but you run the risk of having it broken up at all the wrong points when it’s delivered to the voter’s phone. (Or worse yet, having some parts delivered and others undelivered).

We are now doing a Double MMS. This sends the text as MMS in a single segment along with a picture, GIF or MP4 video.

Here’s a quick sample:

Nicole Schlinger MMS

Let CampaignHQ send a long message without worrying that your message will get jumbled. Don’t forget, you can still include personalization like first name, voting location, etc.

Now’s a terrific time to utilize this new, effective tool. Give us a call (888-722-4704) to get started taking your campaign to the next level.