Unbreak Your Brain

Time to “Unbreak your Brain,” my friends.

I read this interesting article from the New York Times and had to share. Here’s a snippet:

Mostly, I became aware of how profoundly uncomfortable I am with stillness. For years, I’ve used my phone every time I’ve had a spare moment in an elevator or a boring meeting. I listen to podcasts and write emails on the subway. I watch YouTube videos while folding laundry. I even use an app to pretend to meditate.

If I was going to repair my brain, I needed to practice doing nothing. So during my morning walk to the office, I looked up at the buildings around me, spotting architectural details I’d never noticed before. On the subway, I kept my phone in my pocket and people-watched — noticing the nattily dressed man in the yellow hat, the teens eating hot Takis and laughing, the kid with Velcro shoes. When a friend ran late for our lunch, I sat still and stared out the window instead of checking Twitter.

You can read the full article here

Maybe it’s not cool in the land of politics or business to say it, but it’s time for some digital minimalism. 

Another take from Bill Maher:


I’m curious your thoughts on all of this.

Thanks for commenting,

Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters


463 thoughts on “Unbreak Your Brain”

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