Flashback Friday – Iowa Field Report


Nicole Schlinger Iowa Field Report

Here’s a fun flashback post – hoping way back to March 2020 when we were first beginning to navigate the pandemic, I spoke to Luke Martz at the Iowa Field Report about how campaigns were shifting in the way they communicate with voters.


It’s interesting to look back at how we were first understanding the way this would change campaigning and then compare it to where we all ended up on Election Day.


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As an aside, check out the Iowa Field Report for all kinds of great Iowa insider stories and features, all with a right-leaning take.


Pandemic Requires Campaigns Shift to Reach Voters

Nicole Schlinger Iowa Field ReportYour voters and donors WANT to hear from you. But you must communicate in the right way. Thanks to Iowa Field Report for letting me share in this article.

Schlinger says that she was initially hesitant about advising her candidates to continue fundraising, however, after monitoring the current environment over several days, she realized that campaigns need to stay engaged rather than go into hibernation.

“They [Campaigns & Candidates] need to be sensitive to the situation, but they should be engaged. People are at home, and they’re following the situation closely. Voters want to be involved. They do not want to be shut out” said Schlinger.


You can read the full article here.