Preparing for the Next Election

I had the privilege of providing an update for the Republican State Leadership Committee. If you aren’t aware, the RSLC works to elect Republican candidates in a variety of races: legislative, lt. governor, attorney general and secretary of state.

They had an extremely successful 2020 campaign cycle – holding onto all of their chambers and flipping control in New Hampshire. This will help them pass conservative agendas across the country and in the fight for redistricting.

Nicole Schlinger

In March, I provided some insights for their contacts – what campaigns should be doing to prepare for their next election, trends I see coming and some lessons I’ve learned along the way.

You can read the full clip here.



Fun Friday – “Lifelong quest to get that 8 dollars back”

I hope you all had a great week.


Back in March, I was able to sit down and really test out my podcasting skills with the crew at Cygnal. I’m thankful that Brent Buchanan gave me this opportunity. You’ll have to check it out. Here’s the teaser – what could I possibly be talking about here:

  • I have been on a lifelong quest to get that 8 dollars back.” Nicole Schlinger

Let me know what you think! Have a great weekend.

Meet the Experts – Marlys

We’re kicking off a new series – the #CHQExperts. We’re proud of our team and the incredible knowledge and skills they put to good use for our clients. We want to introduce a few of them to you. Meet Marlys! Her experience in this industry is unmatched. #TrustTheExperts

Nicole Schlinger



In the coming weeks, I’ll introduce you to more of the CHQ experts and show you some videos of them sharing their expert tips. Check back!

Our Team Is Growing


Nicole Schlinger

I’m really proud of the hardworking team we’ve built here at CampaignHQ; and it’s even more fun when we can expand our CHQ family.

Devon Wood recently joined our team as a Campaign Director. Devon has a couple cycles under her belt on the campaign side, and she’s helped legislators navigate the official side. She’s not shy and has already hit the ground running here at CHQ.

Growing up as a farm kid in southern Iowa, Devon is no stranger to hard work and quick problem-solving. She worked at the statehouse while attending Simpson College and provided valuable insights to top tier committee chairs.

With Devon’s combined campaign and legislative experience, she can do much more than organize your next project and keep it on track. Devon’s experience allows her to truly understand what you are trying to accomplish and what tools would make the most sense for you to utilize at any given time.

Not everyone can handle the long hours, tough campaigns, and overall intensity of working in a political field, but Devon’s been there, done that and can’t wait to hop on the next one – hopefully yours!

“I’m a helper – I am always looking for ways to help those around me. Whether it’s making your job easier, taking something off your plate, or helping you find the best solution – I’d love to help you deliver your message.”

– Devon Wood

Turn to CHQ

I’ve been harping on this for a few weeks, but I want to be clear – you do not have to feel beholden to big tech companies. Whether you’re an issue advocacy group or a campaign – the experts at CHQ will help you keep things moving forward instead of waiting around to see what big tech is going to allow you to do.


It’s time to turn to CHQ:

Nicole Schlinger


If you are a campaign or an issue advocacy organization, you can no longer rely on social platforms to deliver your message. Telephone townhalls are an effective way to communicate a message to an audience of thousands, over the phone and online. Update your membership and keep them engaged on your issues.



Nicole Schlinger

If you are a campaign or an issue advocacy organization, you can no longer rely on social platforms to deliver your message. Patch through calls empower YOU to identify like-minded people, educate them about your issue, and transfer them directly to their lawmaker’s office to make their voice heard. This tactic will help you target the fence sitters and focus your resources. #WeCanHelp


Nicole Schlinger

You cannot rely on Big Tech overlords to deliver your message. Time to quickly build membership or support for your issue with a telephone petition drive. Our CampaignHQ representatives explain your cause and ask the voter to add his/her name to your petition, collect emails, and recruit volunteers. #WeCanHelp