Fun With Phones

Have you ever seen The Big Bang Theory’s episode featuring Sheldon Cooper’s, “Fun With Flags”?

Big Bang Theory Nicole Schlinger

We’re having some fun with this at CampaignHQ, and we’re highlighting “Fun With Phones” on our Facebook page. We recognize that sometimes when our clients are in the thick of a campaign, they might not remember all of the ways they can include phones or texting in their efforts.

Thinking through things that may unexpectedly come up, we know that the CampaignHQ team can help you overcome any issue that may arise.

Nicole Schlinger big bang theory

For example, have you ever had a rally you want your volunteers to attend? Bus tour? National Day of Action? We can call your volunteers and let them know about the event, why they should attend, and how that will help your candidate. At the same time, we can also collect data from current and potential volunteers, such as, email, address, demographics, etc.

Keep checking back on our social accounts for more examples. And give us a call if we can help you approach things a little differently. 1- (888) 722-4704.

Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters

Nicole Schlinger


P.S. Here’s the original Sheldon Cooper’s Fun with Flags


The Myth of Overnight Success

I’ve really been enjoying sharing some insights with my friends over at Campaigns & Elections lately. If you missed it, here are a few articles of mine they’ve shared with their readers.

They recently shared another, The Myth of Overnight Success in the Political Industry. 

Here’s a teaser for you:

Americans love overnight success. We believe this myth like we believe George Washington chopped down a cherry tree. That’s why shows like American Idol and The Voice are so popular year after year. But the truth is much less glamorous than the fantasy.

There are two kinds of overnight success in the political industry. You’re either a “Child Prodigy” or an “Iceberg.”

You can read the full article over here

Let me know what you think, I always enjoy feedback.

Thanks for reading,

Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters

Nicole Schlinger

HQ Awards Recap

The HQ Awards are a great way to celebrate the year, our employees and their hard work and dedication. It’s always a good time to get together and this year’s event definitely lived up to the hype.

Checkout our fun recap video:

I’m already looking forward to what’s in store for next year.

Thanks for watching,

Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters

Nicole Schlinger

Patch Through Season Success

CampaignHQ’s Senior Campaign Director Marlys Popma recently shared a story with our colleagues and clients. I think it really shows what it means to have CHQ on your side, so I wanted to share it with you today.

It’s Monday morning.

I arrive at work, make myself a cup of coffee, and start thinking about what needs to be done this week.

Then the phone rings …

“Marlys, I need 5 patch through calls to 93 different state legislators. The bill is up for a vote TODAY and I don’t have any data or a script.”

Well, I love a challenge! And this was certainly one of them.

At CampaignHQ, we pride ourselves on Legendary Customer Service. In fact, you’ll see a sign on our doors stating our “Five Rules of Legendary Customer Service.” Here are the first two …

        Rule #1: Speed is key!
Rule #2: Go the Extra Mile (or two)!

I like these rules. I like being good at what we do and working in an atmosphere that fosters this approach to customer service.

So, back to my story:

To get this campaign started, we’d need to pull 93 different lists, write and approve the script, set it up in the dialer, and prepare agents to make effective calls … all before the bill came up for a vote!

I knew I could not do this alone. So several colleagues pitched in to help. (That’s what I truly love best about CampaignHQ!)

It was a race to the finish line … and here is the result:

Nicole Schlinger GOP

Typically we tell our clients,

“Get us the data and approved script, and we will have your project up and running within twenty-four hours.” 

But let me tell you this, if you are in a pinch and you need something right away, don’t hesitate to call!


Above all else, Marlys’ story shows that at CHQ, the possibilities are endless and we WILL come through for you.

Thanks for reading,

Nicole Schlinger

How I Met CHQ

In a recent post, I introduced you to our newest employee, Morgan. 

Nicole Schlinger GOP

Morgan took the time to send an email out to our clients and friends and I thought it was worth sharing here.

Hi everyone! My name is Morgan Bonwell and I am the newest addition to the CHQ family.

I am a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa where I majored in Communication Studies and minored in Politics and Law. I am from small-town Iowa, which aligns perfectly with the CHQ community.

We were such a perfect match that we had been in a business relationship without even knowing it!

After college I went to work at the Iowa State Capitol to clerk for Representative Tedd Gassman. Following, I was offered a position with the Indiana Republican Party as a Regional Field Director. Many of you probably know how big of a deal Indiana’s Senate seat was in the 2018 election… we did too!

As I was working day in and day out for future Senator Mike Braun and the statewide team doing phone calling-so was CHQ!

The Indiana GOP did many conTEXT campaigns with Campaign Headquarters because they understood how important it was to turn Joe Donnelly’s seat.

We all know how the campaign turned out with the Indiana GOP and Campaign HQ working together to elect conservative candidates, and I am so honored to say I was a part of it all!
So over the next few weeks I will be training with our Culture Keeper and Senior Campaign Director, Marlys Popma, and in time I will be taking new CHQ clients to maximize our efforts in electing and promoting the right choice!

I am so enthusiastic about helping your future endeavors whether it be GOTV, VID, Advocacy, etc! Be sure to give me a call at 888-722-4704 (Ext. 203) or send me an email at so we can get started on your next big project!

We’re so glad to have Morgan on our team, give her a call today.


Thanks for reading,

Nicole Schlinger

Campaign Swag – Fun Friday

Every good campaign knows the way to supporters and volunteers’ hearts is through the accessories. I mean, yard signs win elections, right!?

But really, doesn’t everyone love some good swag?

Nicole Schlinger Iowa PoliticsNicole Schlinger Kim Reynolds




Nicole Schlinger flask


The CampaigHQ team loves some fun and useful swag, which we make sure to fully supply them with. These are a few of our favorites.

Have a great weekend,

Martha Waffles and Nicole Schlinger at another event.

Nicole Schlinger