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Nicole Schlinger

My friend, Eric Wilson at Startup Caucus recently had this article for Campaigns & Elections on a “2022 Doomsday Scenario” – no Facebook ads allowed, P2P gets scaled back. cord cutting continues, more social ads get taken offline and mail is slow.

Doomsday scenario? Or reason to make more phone calls?

Better have a backup plan. Give the CampaignHQ team a call today and we’ll get one put together for you.

Nicole Schlinger

Science Says Make More Calls

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That means that, taken together, the bottom line for all this research might be better summarized as, don’t forget the old-fashioned phone. Chances are excellent you’re underestimating its advantages and overestimating its drawbacks.

(read the full article here)

For small businesses, campaigns or even in real life, phones are the way to go. Give me a call and let the CHQ experts go to work connecting you with voters, constituents or membership.

Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters

Nicole Schlinger

Authentic Conversation

Here’s the final installment of a discussion I had with Campaigns & Elections Magazine last fall. I had a great time discussing how the use of phones is changing.

Essentially, where we communicate with you may have changed, but the way in which we have an authentic conversation, we’re keeping that the same.

Nicole Schlinger, president of CampaignHQ, discusses scripting with Campaigns & Elections


Nicole Schlinger, President of CampaignHQ, discusses how the uses of phones are changing in the political industry with Campaigns & Elections

Down Ballot + Non-Obvious Party Cues Chat

Last fall, I did some interviews with my favorite, Campaigns & Elections Magazine. We had a great discussion on a variety of topics. Here are a few clips:

Nicole Schlinger, president of CampaignHQ, discusses down ballot benefits of using phones for Campaigns & Elections Magazine

Nicole Schlinger, President of CampaignHQ, discusses non-obvious party cues for Campaigns & Elections.