Fun Friday – Waffles Takeover

If you’re not following CampaignHQ on Facebook, well you’re behind the times and missing out on all kinds of fun updates.

Waffles doing work or enjoying greenies? You decide.

Most recently, the Chief Canine Officer Waffles, has taken over the CHQ Facebook page to share the many faces of #CHQpets. At CHQ we really are a family and that includes our furry family members so we decided to celebrate our littlest members.

You should head over to our page to learn more some of our best friends:

Nicole Schlinger pug
Nicole Schlinger dog


Nicole Schlinger cat
Nicole Schlinger pig duck
Patunia the pig, Shirley the chicken, and Mother Goose the goose (of course)


Thanks for reading,

Nicole Schlinger

41 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Waffles Takeover”

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