Flashback Friday – Not Fake News

Here’s a fun Flashback Friday post that happened during the rush of the end of the campaign season.
The Cedar Rapids Gazette reached out to talk to me about phones. I love phones. I’m glad they asked!
Nicole Schlinger Cedar Rapids Gazette
Robocalls also are an effective way to promote a campaign event or deliver other information about a candidate, Schlinger said. Many campaigns use robocalls to remind voters to return absentee ballots or convey where to vote in person on Election Day.
They can be especially helpful in down-ballot races where the candidates may not be well-known or get little attention. “You might not know a lot about a candidate for a county or a local office, but if you know Gov. Reynolds or Sen. Grassley or Ambassador Branstad supports that person, that could be a meaningful factor in your decision about a race,” Schlinger said
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