Wednesday Roundup

Today, I thought I’d share a roundup of several things I’ve been reading lately that I’ve found interesting.

A skill that many have a hard completely honing – How to Say No Advice From the World’s Most Powerful Man is a great read.


“Next week, the choices you made at the buffet won’t matter much. But if you learn a new skill, you own it forever.” Seth’s blog is always a must read .


Of course I’m always looking for new book recommendations and of course I’m always keeping an eye on what Ryan Holiday is doing. Of course, you should add these to your list this year. 


I was SO HAPPY to hear the news that Sen. John Cornyn has picked John Jackson as his campaign manager for the upcoming cycle. John led Gov. Greg Abbott’s successful re-election and Sen. Cornyn could not have picked a better person to direct his 2020 campaign.


What articles are you clicking through these days?


Thanks for reading,