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I’ve been harping on this for a few weeks, but I want to be clear – you do not have to feel beholden to big tech companies. Whether you’re an issue advocacy group or a campaign – the experts at CHQ will help you keep things moving forward instead of waiting around to see what big tech is going to allow you to do.


It’s time to turn to CHQ:

Nicole Schlinger


If you are a campaign or an issue advocacy organization, you can no longer rely on social platforms to deliver your message. Telephone townhalls are an effective way to communicate a message to an audience of thousands, over the phone and online. Update your membership and keep them engaged on your issues.



Nicole Schlinger

If you are a campaign or an issue advocacy organization, you can no longer rely on social platforms to deliver your message. Patch through calls empower YOU to identify like-minded people, educate them about your issue, and transfer them directly to their lawmaker’s office to make their voice heard. This tactic will help you target the fence sitters and focus your resources. #WeCanHelp


Nicole Schlinger

You cannot rely on Big Tech overlords to deliver your message. Time to quickly build membership or support for your issue with a telephone petition drive. Our CampaignHQ representatives explain your cause and ask the voter to add his/her name to your petition, collect emails, and recruit volunteers. #WeCanHelp

How to Effectively Communicate During a Pandemic

The team at CHQ recently hosted a webinar – How to Effectively Communicate During a Pandemic. I wanted to share some of the information with you, hopefully it’s useful for you and your team.

We have posted the full Webinar on YouTube, in case you missed it or want to go back and reference a few points. But I also posted a few short clips below to check out.

I wanted to provide you with a brief recap, starting with the Four Ways to Make the Most of the Opportunity.
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1. Build a grassroots army now that you can mobilize later. Telephone petition drives are great for this – call voters, ask them to add their name to a petition. For those who agree, we collect their email address and ask them to volunteer. Right now, you have people’s attention and you can capture their information to build your supporters. (Watch short webinar clip here).

2. Introduce yourself. The best way to do this is through is peer to peer text, where you can have a two-way conversation with a voter at their convenience. You can also push a 20 second TV commercial directly to the voter’s phone, giving them a better glimpse of who you are. (Watch short webinar clip here).

Peer-to-Peer texting can help you safely collect enough signatures to get your name on the ballot.

3. Survey your audience. Use automated surveys (which are inexpensive and fast) to gather critical data on your audience. You can weed out disconnected phones and make the most of your volunteers’ time when it’s time to start doing campaign calls.

4. Have a Conversation. Telephone Townhalls create a large audience and are always a great resource when trying to update your voters on quickly changing information.

Give me a call or drop me a line if you have any questions or we can get to work on a project for you today.  1-888-722-4704 or nicole@chq.us.


Nicole Schlinger