A Welcome Diversion

Here we are again – another round of book reviews. As a reminder, you can check out my first post here.

The second quarter of the year brought a return to reading fiction.

I’ve recently grown frustrated with most business books. They seem to fall into two categories:

1. They are published by business coaches trying to broaden their reach and win new clients.

2. They are university professors who know exactly what you SHOULD do, but of course they’ve never done it themselves. Both come across with the same result.

They are SO preachy … as if you would just immediately change everything to do it their way, and it would result in an unprecedented windfall of profit and employee happiness. And frankly, if you are going to be that bossy, at least you should have something useful to say. Too many times, it’s a rehash of the same old thing.

Thus, my return to fiction, and a welcome diversion from everyday challenges.

Here are my next 5 books from 2019. Read my full reviews over on my medium page. 

Nicole Schlinger Better Than Before Nicole Schlinger Wartime Sisters Nicole Schlinger That Churchill Woman Nicole Schlinger Marilla of Green Gables Nicole Schlinger Daisy Jones & the Six

Thanks for reading,

Nicole Schlinger, President of Campaign Headquarters


Check Me Out

Have you been following the updates over on my Medium page? I’ve continued posting my book reviews – sharing a quick overview of the book and some of the things I found most fascinating during my reading.


You can check out the full line up on my page.


Here are a few of my most recent highlights:

This was one of the most anxiety provoking books I’ve read in the last few years. So why would I recommend it? Find out!

Published in 1994, this short gem of a book will change your perspective on marketing in a single afternoon.


Hetty Green was a trailblazer, but not necessarily a role model. Intriguing, right?