Better Than Beach Reads

Well, I know I’ve been keeping you all waiting – it’s been a while since I’ve come at you with some book reviews. In my defense, I’ve taken on some heavy reading this year, favoring quality over quantity with just 19 books under my belt.

Summer is when authors often release their “beach reads” … otherwise known as books that don’t require much brainpower. I encourage you to take the road less traveled and read something that will make YOU better this summer.

I’m rolling these out 5 at a time over at my Medium page. 

Here are the first 5:

Nicole Schlinger At the Wolf's Table Nicole Schlinger Elizabeth I

Nicole Schlinger Private Lives of Tudors Nicole Schlinger on Being 40 Nicole Schlinger Digital Minimalism

Leave a comment and let me know which books you’ve read and which ones make your wish list and stay tuned for more updates or follow along at my Medium account. 

Happy reading,

Nicole Schlinger